Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Where did your food go?

I do have to post about Caleb's recorder concert, including the horrible pictures I took (thank you man who snuck in front of me just as I snapped the best one). But if I don't post this I will forget and it is too cute to forget.

Ayden: I want candy!
Mom: But you just ate pudding, no candy.
Ayden: I don't want pudding, I want candy.
Mom: It's too late for that Ayden, the pudding is in your tummy (poke tummy).
Ayden: NO! Pudding is in my leg! (He grabs frantically at his shorts) I need candy to put in my leg too!

So, if the pudding goes to his leg, what is up with his ginormous belly?

1 comment:

brooke said...

so funny!! rory asked if food falls on the baby when there is a baby in a mommy's tummy.
love it!


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