Sunday, December 26, 2010

May your days be merry and bright and may all your Christmases be...

This Christmas has been about as perfect as they come. I was feeling discouraged. The money just wasn't there to buy the gifts and do the fun, festive things that I would love to do. This time of year it is so easy to get caught up in the commercialism and the idea of what your holiday should look like. I admit, I got caught up in it big time. But, things begin to come together, as things often do. We had two snow days on the two days just before the winter break. That was a bright spot. Slowly Bobby and I filled up the closet with all kinds of goodies that our kids would enjoy. Bobby's parents are living close this year and they made several trips down to drop off their gifts and the food that they would make for Christmas dinner. Relatives from far away sent us cards with their thoughts and love. Christmas Eve was a time for eating sub sandwiches while watching "Joy to the World" about the Savior's birth, then hot chocolate, cake and opening a few gifts. The kids quickly put on their Christmas pajamas from Grandma and Poppy and played with what they had opened. I couldn't believe it but Brooklyn has grown so much this year she couldn't wear anything we got her except the jacket! I guess it's gift cards from now on for her! After the babies went to bed we put on a movie and sat up late in order to help Santa. The result was modest but everything they had asked for. Bobby and I slept in the living room and, it seemed, that just as I fell asleep the kids had crept down proclaiming it was 7am! They tore into stockings, exclaimed over gifts and stuffed their faces with candy. I was so exhausted that I took not one picture! Then they played and we visited until Bobby's brother David arrived with his wife Kim and their four kids. The kids quickly paired off and disappeared as Grandma readied lunch. Bobby and his brother picked up the missionaries and we sat down to a wonderful meal. We had more food than we needed and funny stories were exchanged. Then Bobby, David, the missionaries and the kids went to the park for some football while the 'womenfolk' relaxed. It was such a nice day that ended with a picture perfect snow. We watched another movie and sent the kids off to bed after they declared that it had been the best Christmas ever.

The children were talking about Christ being born in December and I reminded them that really, his birthday is thought to have been around April. December 25th was just a day chosen to celebrate his birth for numerous reasons. Really though, I'm glad the we celebrate Christ's birth at the end of the year. It's a time to reflect on what I have done with this gift that Heavenly Father has given us. It's a great time, better than New Year's, to reflect on what I'm going to do differently in the coming year so that I continue to grow as a person. Christmas is such a special time, I love that it's in the winter when we can cozy up in our homes and share memories and good times with the people that we love.

And now, the photos...

Brooklyn helped me make some cookies. They were great fresh out of the oven but not good the next day - I'll have to work on that.
I forgot to mention we did drive around, singing carols and looking at lights - this house was on the tacky lights tour - cool huh?
Christmas Eve sandwich time with all the fixin's - an Orr tradition.
Ayden is first to dig right in to the presents!
The boys got a gift of really neat science books that have interactive games and such.
Grandma helped Dillon open his gift.
Then he showed Daddy his puppets!
Caleb started looking at the books right away.
Santa's little elf.
Brooklyn wearing her new Christmas PJs and opening the pj bottoms I bought her from her school.
Bobby loved his Kentucky sweatshirt from Mom and Dad.
Seth's pjs were a bit big on him - but hey, that's even better right?
Grammy and Papa sent the kids Christmas sweaters! The boys are so excited to wear them to church - they were disappointed it got canceled due to snow.
Ayden got right to work with his new tools from Aunt Holly and Uncle Brian.
Brooklyn helped
Seth ran into the room to read the new graphic novel from Aunt Holly and Uncle Brian.
Caleb got right to work on the Lego race car from Aunt Holly and Uncle Brian. I debated about the kids opening these on Christmas Eve but it worked out perfectly, giving them something to do before bed.
Bobby couldn't resist pitching in to help with the model of an X-Wing fighter from Grandma and Poppy.
Then, after kids had gone to bed, Santa came...
Santa decided family centered gifts were just right for Christmas. (I can't wait to play that game)
Yes, that is a mower. It is all Ayden asked for. Santa was so happy that with online shopping you can get items that are normally hard to find in the winter.
Seth wanted a basketball and Caleb is collecting footballs. Perfect - they can share!
You can barely see them under the scarf and gloves but Santa found Brooklyn a great pair of boots... that were too small. Mom has already rectified the situation.
And, I thought we would end on an "awww, isn't that too precious" note: (You'll need to turn it up to hear him say Merry Christmas)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Double Whammy!

Ah, November 19. The weather is crisp, the leaves are gorgeous, fall break is next week and we are celebrating one birthday as we remember another.

Mom... she always loved fall so it's fitting that this is her birth month. I love living in Richmond during her birthday month because seeing all the leaves change colors reminds me of her. She missed the leaves so much this time every year. We miss you everyday Mom, we love you.

I really miss my mom BUT.... two years ago today, Dillon was born. I can not tell you how happy I was that my water broke around 11pm on the 18th of November. I knew it was meant to be! Dillon is such a super smart little guy. He has places to go and things to say. I swear he says about five new words a day. I put him in time out for the first time last night and when his two minutes were up he wrapped his arms around me, put his wet, little cheek on mine and gave me a kiss. He is not into sharing right now, it's all 'mine', but he is a sweetie none-the-less. We love you Dilly Bill - Happy Birthday!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Are you ready?

Because if you are, have I got some pictures for you. Aunt Holly came the last weekend of October to visit. Bobby was off that week. We celebrated Ayden's 4th birthday. We dressed up for Halloween. We went to the pumpkin patch and a large park here called Maymont. So... the result, more was going on than I want to put into words. So, I will tell the tale in photos. I supposed sequential is the safest way to go.

Ayden turned four this year! Aunt Holly asked us to wait and celebrate on the 29th when she was here, so we did. We went to Chuck E Cheese, had a Dora and Diego cake and a lot of fun! I can not believe how BIG he is! No more toddler, Ayden is a little boy. Ayden asked for mega blocks and a tractor and, wouldn't you know it, Lego makes a tractor. How great is that? Aunt Holly gave him a cool book of nursery rhymes that she reads to him! He loves it. He got money from Grammy and Papa and Aunt Noreen. We'll save that for his next big wish. He also got a Lego dump truck from Grandma and Poppy Orr.

Then came some time at the playground while Daddy took a little nap. I tossed the ball with Caleb a bit and Holly and Brooklyn helped out on the swings.
The day did not end there. Once Bobby got his nap and the weather warmed up a bit we went to the pumpkin patch! This is the same one we have been to for two years now. The weather was gorgeous and my only disappointment was that it was late in the season and some of the pumpkins had been 'placed' back into the patch, they really weren't on the vines anymore. The kids didn't notice or care though.

That same day was our 5th wedding anniversary. Holly so kindly agreed to watch the kids and carve the pumpkins while we went out on a date. It looks like they had such fun.

Ayden was wiped out by the end of the day.
The next day we went to Maymont. This is a huge park in Richmond. It used to belong to a family and there is a house you can go through, a stable and a garage with all their old carriages and sleds. There are animals, but we didn't visit that part. We visited the Japanese Gardens. We wanted to visit the house but since it was Halloween they were doing a special tour that was$7 a person and they did not recommend it for kids. :P The park was gorgeous and we did enjoy it so very much.
Trunk or Treat was that night so we rushed home from Maymont and got ready for trunk or treat!
Ayden tried to slay the dragon.
Dillon conquered the wolf.
Holly ended the visit with haircuts for all! I only have photos of me and Brooklyn though. This weekend was perfect in every way. We had time to play and time to visit and time to rest. I think I'm going to require a visit like this at least once a year. ;)


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