Friday, August 29, 2008

Still no pictures, Just an update

Sorry to all but after working for two weeks, I have no recent pics to post. No worries though because with a three day weekend and a first day of school approaching I'm sure I'll take quite a bit. The kids met their teachers Thursday night. It looks like they will have some great teachers this year. Brooklyn will get to change teachers for each class. She is excited about that and one teacher is male - her first guy teacher! She thinks that is pretty neat and Caleb wishes he had a guy teacher too. Their mascot is dolphins and she is very excited about that. She said she always wanted Dolphins for a mascot. I really had no idea she'd thought that much about it. LOL So, they'll be off on the bus early Tuesday morning. I'll be off extra early too - well, as soon as they leave, since I'll have my first day of school too. I am not feeling as ready as usual but I'm close enough. The first day always goes so quickly anyway. I had a few scares with my schedule but they got it cleared up and it won't be too bad. I have three of my four bulletin boards finished - well there are empty spots but those are for the students' work. Books are on shelves and copies are made so I guess I'm as close as can be expected.

Ayden will start with his new sitter. I'm nervous about that. He doesn't do well with new people and it breaks my heart to think of him as crying or confused about where he is. I hope Bobby takes him a bit early so he can play with him there for a few minutes to get him situated. Right now he is cutting his bottom canines and has not been a happy camper. He does not do well when teething -
at all. He threw a bowl at Seth yesterday (yes, it broke) and bit him in the stomach today. He threw fit after fit and does not really want to eat. What a tough day for a little guy. I'll update next week with new pictures!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Baby Has a New Name... again

Bobby was talking in the car and mentioned using his middle name for Dillon's middle name. Bruce is not only his father's name but he is related to Robert the Bruce so it is an old family name. I just want the baby to have a name!!!! LOL So Dillon Bruce it is. I like it better than Seamus anyway.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing intersting - just busy

I haven't updated in a while because I started back to work on Monday and let me say, I have been so exhausted. Bobby's mother came down to watch the kids, thank goodness for that. It has been wonderful to have her here for company and she's helped so much with the cooking and cleaning. The reason she came is because I had to go back two weeks earlier than them and we just didn't want to find childcare for only two weeks. The kids have really enjoyed getting to know their grandma too. She has found a new best friend in Ayden.

Ayden is talking more and more. It isn't easy to understand him but, if you listen closely, you can make out a few words. He must be ready for a growth spurt too as he is eating like crazy right now. He loves pork and beans, mac and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and green beans. LOL Not the healthiest food ever but that is what he will eat! His hair is growing in and looks a bit better. It is getting pretty light since he is outside with the kids everyday. He got a new pair of reebok tennis shoes today and wore them the rest of the evening. Those were better than any toy I could have brought home! Thanks grandma!

Brooklyn, Caleb and Seth are getting geared up for school. Grandma and Poppy bought them new backpacks, which must be the most exciting part to listen to them. I registered them today and they know who their teachers are, not that it matters much right now since we don't know who any of the teachers are. We'll get to meet them next week so that will be fun.

I really think I'm going to enjoy teaching here in Richmond. I have gotten to know some of the other new teachers near me and I really like them. They check out a laptop to every student and teacher so I hope we can do some neat stuff with those. I am in the old Home
Ec room so I have a fridge, stove, microwave and even a washer and dryer in my room! It's fine by me though b/c my room is huge. I guess I know where I'll eat lunch! It's near the cafeteria too which will be handy since I found out we walk the kids to and from lunch here. That is certainly different but I understand why. Junior high kids go crazy at lunch time. I was able to get a few things put up in my room but not too much. I have next week to work on it too. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it when school starts.

Bobby goes to orientation on Monday but I think he's going to like his job. He is looking forward to it. That's really all the big news for our family right now, not so much really. What's new in your household?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy 10th B-Day Boo!

Wow, you're already ten! It's so hard for me to believe. You made your grand entrance on August 16, 1998 at 8:28pm and you've been a light in my life ever since. You were a quiet baby that liked to watch people. You studied everything like you understood something we didn't. You probably did. You loved people and the whole family was completely in love with you from the beginning. You attracted others attention everywhere we went. You started to talk so early and jabbered away to everyone. You started walking when you were 9 months old, it's as if you knew your little brother was coming and you wanted to be a big girl when he got here. You've always been good at picking up on people's feelings and new how to comfort them. You are always willing to try new things and encourage others to join in. In your short life you have already experienced so much and learned lessons that grown ups still don't understand. You amaze me constantly and I can't wait to see how you use all your talents as you grow into a young woman. I love you Boo!

  • Food: Everything! You're so easy to please. Tomatoes, pizza, spaghetti, cookies, hamburgers and fries
  • Music: Your new Miley Cyrus CD
  • Movie: Probably Aquamarine
  • TV show: George Lopez, Extreme Makeover Home Edition
  • Subject: Writing
  • Favorite color: Um... this is hard... pink!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Toothless and Playtime

I just thought I'd put up a couple of new pictures. The first is Seth. I love when kids lose both front teeth at the same time. I think it looks so cute.

On a totally different note, Ayden found Bobby's gloves and he loves to try them on and play with them. I thought I'd include a few pictures b/c it looks so funny.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

I Pray That Some Day You Will Understand

When you have kids hanging on you and bored all summer, when they come up and read over your shoulder, when your belly is tight and you can't bend over because your pregnant, when your two year old is grunting and crying at you all the time because he can't talk yet, when your hormones are all over the place and your spouse is out of work. I hope you understand how much I have always truly loved you. And, even when I snap and get angry at you for silly reasons, like making the spaghetti wrong, I still think you are the most wonderful daughter I could ever have. I hope you will know that you are such a fantastic kid that when you do something wrong it totally throws me off but it doesn't mean I don't still think you're amazing. I hope you understand and appreciate making kids do chores and you know why we do this. Most of all I hope you have wonderful kiddos like I've been blessed with because you guys are great and, even though I'm moody and snappy right now, I still think that all the time and brag about it to everyone who will listen.

Friday, August 8, 2008

What is Rich Anyway?

Is it living comfortably with all your needs met? Is it living beyond your means but you have everything you want? Is it having a huge amount of money in savings? Honestly, I don't think it is any of this. I feel very rich right now when, monetarily, we are the furthest thing from it. Bobby has not found a job yet. My last paycheck from my old job is on the 15th and I won't get paid again until Sept 30. Money is beyond tight and we have been very stressed. Seth's birthday was Wednesday and Brooklyn's is next Saturday. Ask me how it feels to tell your child they can't have a birthday party or go out to dinner because money just isn't there for that. It broke my heart. But my kids are amazing. They didn't blink twice when I told them that. Instead, we planned a special dinner of their choice. Seth chose tacos. He did get a small gift from Bobby and I and Brooklyn's gift to him was to clean and organize his room. Caleb's gift to him was a dollar that he had been given from his grandparents. I made a cake and Seth was excited to help decorate it. We sat down to a table full of good, healthy food. I saved a Fresca soda back for Seth that all the kids had been asking for and we celebrated! Bobby is one of the funniest people I know and all through dinner he had the kids in stitches, we were all laughing so hard. I looked around the table at my family during that dinner and I felt very rich indeed.

Times get hard, it happens. This too will pass. It will be stressful for the next six weeks, but I have my family, I have a home, I have the gospel and I know that we'll be just fine. When the day is over there isn't one need that hasn't been met. I have more in my life than many 'rich' people I know. I feel so very blessed and so grateful that we all have each other. The old saying goes, "You can't take it with you..." but my riches? I can take those with me wherever I go.

Seth's cake, his masterpiece. Seth fed his new Star Wars toy -

We all enjoyed some of Bobby's tasty tacos.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth - Seven Years Old!

Happy Birthday sweetheart. I know you wanted your own web page but I hope your own entry, all about you, is good enough. You were born early in the morning on August 6, 2001. You were always such an easy, good baby. Brooklyn and Caleb were so happy to have you in our family. You smiled from the beginning and loved to sleep. Before you could sit up or crawl you were watching your brother and sister and I know you just could not wait until you were big enough to get down and play with them. Brooklyn thought you were her little doll. Caleb kept asking when you would be able to play with him. As you got older your personality really started to show. You took everything in stride and never let things bother you. You did not even throw your first fit until you were three! I remember clearly that you freaked out when I tried to put your shoes on. Brooklyn and I just laughed and laughed because we'd never seen you upset. And I rarely ever did again. You have a magnetic personality, which means that others are attracted to you. You have such a sweet grin and you are so funny! Most of the time you don't realize it until everyone is laughing! Then you laugh with the rest of us. You are such a good example when you always remember to say prayers. I remembering teaching you to pray and you have never forgotten since. I have always been so impressed by your kind heart. You always love to help others. Now you are seven and I can't believe it. You were our little Roo for so long. Now you're starting second grade and I know you are just going to love it! Here are some pictures to remind you and others about all the great times we've had together. We love you Seth a Roo!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Oh No He Didn't!

Oh yes, I finally let him. Bobby has wanted to shave Ayden's head for so long. I do not want him to. Ayden has silky baby hair that is so pretty. However, things have been stressful lately and doing this would make Bobby happy so I let him. He used a 4 guard but Ayden's hair is so fine it looks like he has none!!! Ayden likes to rub it though and he'll be cool in the hot summer months, I guess. Now that I've let him do it once, he's not doing it again! So, at least it'll grow out.

Sorry, this last one isn't so good b/c I could not get him to hold still! LOL He loves rubbing his head. How horrible is it? Really?


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