Wednesday, April 7, 2010

So I Lied, Again...

Why doesn't anyone tell you that having kids turns you into a liar? So much for no housework day. The kids were driving me nuts so I set them to work in the kitchen. The kitchen ALWAYS needs cleaning, right? It should be the cleanest room in the home since that is where we eat and store food. Here they are, on no housework day, scrubbing down.

This one is my favorite, because if you click on it and make it large, you'll see the truly disgusted look on Caleb's face.
Bobby said to keep them busy otherwise they sit on the couch and become 'as vegetables'. So, they're busy.

1 comment:

Lion Rampant said...

Looks like you have a hard working team of cleaners there, if I were to send my kids into the kitchen to clean, it would end up in a worse mess than before they started.


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