Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ayden is 4!

Ayden is four today! He has grown so much this last year. He is easier to reason with and quicker to understand things. The result, he is a much happier child. That means the rest of us are happier too! Ayden goes to a new Daycare that is like a preschool. He recognizes not only his name but the name of all the kids in his class. I would not say he is reading but he is starting to see the pattern in letters and words. I was writing something yesterday that started with a 'T' and he said, "That's like Tyler's name!" Yes! It sure is! He is very opinionated and lets us know exactly how he feels. If the radio in the car is on he may yell, "Turn it up" or "Turn it off" or even, "Put on a boy song." Unfortunately he has my love of sugary sweets and will try to sneak them if possible. He still loves his chocolate milk but enjoys it less now, it is more of a treat. Ayden likes to eat tacos, spaghetti, pizza, chicken nuggets (but not chicken), popcorn, applesauce, bananas, oatmeal and pop-tarts. He understands jokes and likes to help around the house. Aunt Holly is coming to visit us this weekend and asked if we could hold off his birthday party until she is here. So, we will have cake and a special meal on Friday! Ayden chose a Dora and Diego cake. I can't wait, it's going to be so fun.
Here is Ayden at each birthday. (I am missing birthday 2, all of the pictures were on Poppy's camera and I can not find them.)

Ayden's birth day:
Ayden's One!
Ayden is 3!
Ayden is 4.... coming soon!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

For Bob

See the man on the left? I like to think that this was the happiest day of his life. I never asked him, but I believe it was. He is my Uncle Bob. I never called him uncle growing up. He was simply Bob, my Uncle Bobby's partner. I regret that I never called him uncle but I don't know that he minded so much. Back in July Bob and Uncle Bobby were married after 30 years together. I am very happy they were able to do this. I know what my religious belief mandates, but I love these two men and it made me happy to see them happy.
Bob surprised all of us on Saturday morning. Early, before the sun came up, he passed away. He was an educator his entire adult life. I did not get to spend much time with him, holidays mostly, but every chance I could I loved to discuss education and school with him. This was even before I was a teacher myself. He always gave sound advice when it came to school, work and money. He loved a good laugh. He would do anything for my uncle. He loved my Grana's creamed corn. He called our Thanksgiving turkey 'dead animal flesh'. That always made me laugh. My mother loved to buy him everything Coca-Cola and he always graciously said thank you, though I'm sure he had way more than he could ever want. I think it can be said that Bob truly did something with his life. He touched many as a teacher, principal and leader in the community. We will all miss him

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Did you know...

... Brooklyn made all county chorus? She was one of three sopranos chosen from her class. I am so proud of her but not as proud as she is, and she should be!
... Caleb is practicing basketball whenever he can with the hoop in our driveway? That is what he wants to do now and he's getting pretty good at it.
... Seth got his interim (progress report) and he had three Bs and two Cs? This is a big improvement from last year. He also sits at the table to do his homework and doesn't wander at all. Again, big improvement.
... Ayden is becoming sweeter by the day? It's like the terrible two-three demon that possessed him for two years has left and my darling boy is back. He loves school and behaves every day! He likes to share and we have long talks on our 40 minute drive every morning and afternoon. He knows all his colors and is learning his letters and is asking questions non-stop.
... Dillon can put together two word phrases? For instance he brought me a bag of Doritos and said, "More chips." He has a sweet voice and tries to count and will not sit through sacrament meeting. I will take him out but not let him down (I want him to enjoy sacrament meeting more than the foyer) so we fight every Sunday for an hour. At least now he lets me leave him in the nursery.
... we 'misplaced' Brooklyn's camera and ours is broken? So, there are no pictures. Good news, we found her camera recently so we should have more photos soon.
... my school year is going better than it did the first two years we have been here?
... Bobby is finally looking into finishing nursing school? Pray for us that he will find a good program and get a grant. This will be a challenge but totally worth it.
... I really want a full size van? Well, I do.


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