Friday, October 26, 2012

My World Wordle

No, my title is not a mistake. I spent Monday at a great seminar learning how to infuse my classroom with technology. Of course, one site the speaker, Brian Housand, (who is awesome by the way) brought up was I had been to this site before but never really thought about how I could use it in my classroom. Boy do I have some ideas now! I digress... to play with the site a bit I put my blog into it and asked for the top 100, or was it 150, words. This is my wordle, which I guess is my world. I think I can do better. The large words are the ones that appear the most and so on down to the smallest ones. I need to blog more so, that in perhaps a year, there are fewer likes and goods. Guess I'm not such a hot writer after all! You may need to click on the picture in order to read it. If I make it too large it won't fit in this silly, skinny column. Enjoy and go play on the website. It's fun!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Always Gets Them Smiling

I started a new family tradition the first October we moved here to Virginia. A lot of drama was involved getting it going - namely that certain children almost didn't get to go - but in the end it was so worth it. Now it has never been a question whether we will go to the pumpkin patch or not, only a questions of when. There is something about walking through a field of pumpkins, growing on vines, surrounded by trees of orange, red and yellow that just screams fall. We've always had a good time. I always take a bunch of pictures. Other than Christmas it's probably the only time I can go through and see the changes in my children over the year. So, for our family that waits for new pictures of the childre here you are... It always puts a smile on everyone's face.

Too bad Bobby couldn't get Dillon's sunglasses on his head. It was a bit too bright for his taste.

Brooklyn's pumpkin looks like the perfect shape for a skull!

Caleb was the only kid that got an all orange pumpkin. He said it had a perfect, flat surface to carve on.

What Seth has in his hand are tiny, baby pumkins. I had to tell them to stop picking them though so they could keep growing!

This year the kids all seemd to want the green pumpkins. I thought they were pretty cool.  Dillon and Ayden both proudly carried their pumpkins this year. They are getting so big. Brooklyn is already a freshman in high school and it makes me wonder when she won't be joining us on this excursion - I hope it won't happen any time soon. This is always the perfect memory to begin a season of family, charity, thankfulness and good food!

Here a few extra shots - just for fun. Seems like I ended up with the most photos of Seth this year. One kid always ends up with a lot more than everyone else.


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