Saturday, April 10, 2010

Monday Memories

There was a time that I was cute. When driving in my car with the windows rolled down, music blasting on the radio, a boy in the car next to mine at a red light would smile flirtatiously. I would smile back then figure he just liked the song I was listening to. See, I didn't think I was cute or pretty or smart or thin. I was all of those things! Now I see teens flirting from car to car and I feel a little pang. I don't have a name for the pang because it isn't really envy. I am so happy to be finished with that stage of my life. But there is a pang. Maybe the pang is regret that I didn't enjoy it more or have more confidence at the time.
(From left: Denise, Amy, Me!)
See those hot girls? See the one on the right? That was me in my very early 20's. See the hot girl in the middle? That is my oldest, dearest friend Amy. When we were in high school she had the coolest Jeep Renegade. It had a hard top and a bikini top. One day she picked me up in her jeep (with the bikini top) at my boyfriend's house. We were heading to the mall. I got in, put on my seat belt and saw him cringe, noticeably. I asked him what was up.

He told me, "Wow, you look so cute sitting in that Jeep. Just be really careful and watch out for strange guys."

*Eyeroll* Whatever that was supposed to mean. Now I have a daughter and I think I know what he meant. We looked hot and he was worried about the competition!

I miss those days, but more than that, I miss enjoying those days. What do you miss?


Kate said...

I love that picture of you and Amy and a girl I don't know. :) You are still a hot mom. I don't really know how much I miss from "those" days. I kind of miss doing my own thing, following my own timetable, being able to wash my car meticulously once a week, and go on drives by myself. Okay, I guess I do miss some stuff. I miss alone time. I never get alone time!!

Heather said...

That is probably what I miss the most! Alone time. I don't even get that when I go to the bathroom!


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