Tuesday, April 6, 2010

April 7 is . . . . . No Housework Day

I have no problem with this. No one who knows me will be surprised. I am all for a day where housework is not done. I don't think Bobby will be. Bring it on April 7th! I'm ready for ya!

I found out about this on this blog. There is a giveaway and I can't figure out the lingo but no sweat. I don't care if I win. I just want to have an excuse to do no housework tomorrow. I will update with photos.

Just as I said I would - and it's only 10:24am. Trust me, the table will get cleared and the dishes will get done but to heck with everything else. Right?


Jeanette said...

No housework at all, or just not by Mom? I am all for a day without having to do chores! ENJOY.

Heather said...

Just for mom. ;) Although the title leads me to believe it's for everyone, I know Bobby would never go for it and with seven people in one house, that would just be gross.

Priscilla said...

Hah it'd be nice to not do housework for quite some time. But alas I have a mountain of clothing that needs washing.

Rachel McGuire said...

LOl.. Love the post ( A moms Rantings here: Came over from your entry in my Mothers day Giveaway - thanks for participating) Good luck on my giveaway BTW. My whole brewd thought No Housework day meant they didn't have to either. lol. SO the next day, My house was trashed. lol..


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