Friday, May 21, 2010


I am starting a new idea of posting my follies of the week every Friday. I figured it would be funny and why not laugh at myself? Chances are there were ten times as many as what I post on here. I'd love it if you joined me and did the same! It would be fun if you left a comment saying you did the same on your blog and I can laugh at you too! Join me!

I was really out of it this week and it sped by. Some of my follies are not my own but what happened at work or what my kids did to me:
  • Did you see the heading of this post? Yeah, it was a goof up but I decided to leave it there to make people wonder.
  • We have projectors that hook up to our computers in the classroom. One teacher was using the projector with a power point which quit on him/her unexpectedly. When it did their home page came up and in the search box in the upper right corner they had been searching bedroom erotica. The kids talked about it for days!
  • Taking the kids to the sitter in the morning really pushes it for me to get to work on time. She doesn't officially start until 7:30 but lets me bring them ten minutes early. Both mornings this week I was out the door, just in time because I have to be, only to scoop up Dillon and discover he was poopy. Five minutes late to work each day.
  • I went grocery shopping and talked to everyone about what they wanted and got everything on my list for only $4 over budget, guess who I forgot to get stuff for? You guessed it, yours truly.
  • I watched the two hour episode of Grey's Anatomy last night and my adrenaline was pumping so hard I could not fall asleep. I was alone and wide awake at 11pm. I'm so very tired today. If you never watch Grey's or if you just missed this one you should watch it. CRAZY!
What was your week like? Anything crazy and exciting or just plain stupid? Share!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Holly

I don't mention my sister often enough on here. I suppose it is because she lives so far away now that we never see her. Also, part of the reason I blog is to keep her and other family members up to date about how the kids are doing, so I doubt she would want to read about herself. But, today is her special day.

Holly is my older sister by three years. I have looked up to her my entire life. She was so wise and told me all kinds of things that I was all too willing to believe. My favorite story is when she woke me up, at what had to be about 10pm, and told me I overslept and was late for school. I was probably in second grade at the time. I never stopped to question why she was not worried about being late. I ran into the living room and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. Holly liked to play tricks like that on me.
As we got older it was harder to be friends. Three years is not much now, but when she was in high school and I was in junior high, the age difference seemed huge. She had her own set of friends, a job, a car... a life. I would sneak into her room when she was gone, which was often, and play her records and wear her clothes. I missed the close bond we shared when we were little. All of my friends thought she was so cool and wanted to hang out with her when they came over. She was probably more fun than me. Holly has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to laugh at herself.

Once we lost our mother we relied on each other more and our friendship returned. She was there to help me take care of my kids and give all of us free haircuts. She would babysit the kids so I could go out on my birthday and we went shopping together or to a movie when we could, which did not seem often enough.
Parents raise us and teach us but it is our siblings that we come to rely on and lean on as we get older. I miss my sister so much and the kids probably miss her more!

Happy Birthday big sister!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Figure this one out

I will trust that most of you know what a half bath looks like. There is a sink with a mirror and, across from it, a toilet. That is all. It is a small space. So, can anyone tell me how Seth, who was washing his hands in the sink of said bathroom, did not see his baby brother toddle in, climb into the toilet bowl and go for a dip?

Yes I wanted to run for the camera and yes, my camera was out of batteries. No worries. This is the second time (yes the SECOND time) my baby has managed to sit in the toilet bowl. I am sure with four older siblings leaving the gate open for him to walk through he will manage to do it again and I will be sure to have the good camera ready. Anyone want to send me some double A's? LOL

Here is a shot from Bobby's phone from his first dip in the bowl. Just picture the same thing only he was wearing his light blue pajamas. Oh and he loves it, he gets very angry when you take him out. I have said it before, this kid is gross.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who is Mother's Day For Anyway?

Seriously, this is a question I want people to answer, to understand how everyone views Mother's Day. I spent my Mother's Day lounging about asking my children to do things for me. When I felt tired, I took a nap. When it was time for dinner, my daughter cooked for us. I did make my own breakfast and lunch - by the way. I have always thought of Mother's Day as a mother's day off. Her day off from her daily, mundane, albeit necessary, tasks. Her day off from children fighting. Basically - her day to feel like she is special and to be pampered. I suppose we all have our own definition of pampering. When I am pampered I like to be left alone. In a house with five children this is not easy to accomplish but not impossible. I realize it is a day to celebrate motherhood but on that day I'd rather be left alone to read a good book and eat yummy food because these are treats for me. I am sure I am somewhat influenced by the fact that my birthday is sometimes on Mother's Day and, if not, very close to it.

I felt a bit guilty about this desire to be left alone when I heard how others view Mother's Day, namely children. Now, my children demand (literally demand) my attention every day of the year. So, when my own offspring said to me, "Mom I just went to spend Mother's Day with my mother." I did not feel guilty at all as I slipped into bed to read after lunch. Then I read a journal entry from one of my students. The prompt was to write about a time a holiday did not go the way you hoped/planned. This was what he put,
On Mother's Day my day was so crazy. I had to go 2 church services. I left one service early because I had to go do a play. I felt so bad for my mom. I figured since she was taking me all these places I said Happy Mother's Day anytime I could. Then when we finally got home she went to sleep. It was so awful I didn't get to spend anytime with my mom on Mother's Day.

I see the day he described as a great Mother's Day. The mom was able to go to church, her son went to church, her son was in a play and she got a nap. The point of view of the child was an eye opener. Granted, this is brief, he only had five minutes to brainstorm and write, but I could just hear his regret embedded in his writing. He wanted to do more for his mom than he did.

So, what is Mother's Day to you? Are you a mom? If so, how do you like to be pampered? If not, what do you like to do for your mom?

Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Dilemma - Any Advice?

Have you ever had an loud knock on your door in the middle of the afternoon? Was there an angry Grandpa on the other side?

The story really starts yesterday around 5:30. I had told Caleb he could go ride his bike. He likes to go one street over where there is a steep driveway that all the kids ride down. The yards here do not have privacy fences, so I can hear and catch glimpses of the kids over there and I allow him to go. He came back much earlier and quicker than usual. His face was flushed and not just from the heat. He was visibly upset. There was a problem with another boy. Let's call him B. B was in Caleb's class last year. They were friends at first, but after hearing how often this child went to the office, I told Caleb not to hang out with him. That was kind of hard since B is in the adjoining backyard with another little boy every day. Caleb is a pretty friendly, easy going kid though so I didn't really worry. Lately though, Caleb and B have not gotten along. Caleb's little girlfriend broke up with him to be B's girlfriend. Supposedly B has been making very ugly comments to Caleb and yesterday was no different. Caleb said B started shouting some very obscene things to him and Caleb charged towards him. Caleb told me they were just playing around, then Caleb admitted that is was more than that - he was mad at him and might have pushed him. Then the boy's Grandpa came out yelling at him and told him he had to get off their street. Caleb was super nervous because the Grandpa said he was going to come talk to me. I said, 'Let him, I have a few things to say to him too.'

Fast forward to this afternoon. Today is my mother's day as Bobby works all day tomorrow. All of us were lounging in the living room watching a movie. It was nice. Not for long. Grandpa was true to his word and banged our knocker against our door demanding to be noticed. I answered the door prepared for who it was but not prepared for a different version than I had heard. He said Caleb went after his grandson four times and four times the kid tried to run away from him. One time Caleb even had a stick in his hand, brandishing it at his grandson. (Later Caleb said B had one too but I didn't hear that from Grandpa.) He also said that Caleb was yelling obscenities at B - he said he would not even repeat the words Caleb said. Caleb had not told me that either. I told him Caleb would not be on their street. He tried to tell me that if Caleb was on his street again he would call the police, yeah right. My son has a right to ride his bike in his neighborhood but anyway - I digress. I told him what Caleb told me that B had said. I told him that B had shot rubber bullets and a slime gun at both of my boys, and I had already told them not to play with him. He said he would talk to B and B would not lie to him. Whatever.

I confronted Caleb, who admitted to everything Grandpa said except the cussing. He promises me he did not say any bad words. Brooklyn said he would have told her the truth and he told her he did not swear. I know Caleb has a temper. I do not doubt that. I do not doubt Caleb went after him four different times. But Caleb said each time B was running away he was yelling stuff over his shoulder to goad Caleb on. I believe that too. Grandpa didn't admit to that though, shoot he was up at his house, he may not have heard what was provoking Caleb. Caleb has never gotten into a fight with any kid other than his brother. Not a physical fight. I told him fighting would not be tolerated. We talked about what better choices would have been. Caleb has never let a cuss word slip in front of us either. He has gotten extremely angry with Brooklyn, Seth or Ayden at different times and I was not happy with his reaction but he never said a bad word. He has good behavior at school and gets the Good Citizenship Award every marking period. His teacher tells me he is popular and has a lot of friends. I just don't know what to make of this. I don't believe that he was cussing, but he wasn't entirely honest with me either. I have grounded him from going outside unless he's watching his little brothers out there, I have grounded him from his bike. I do not know what else to do. Should I let it go? I have never had to deal with something like this before. I mean the last really bad thing he did was bite a little baby's finger when he was three because he wanted to see what would happen. He really does not get in trouble and has always been a good kid. My gut tells me this kid had to really egg him on to make him that angry. I'm angry that he wasn't totally honest, I'm angry that he was trying to get violent but I'm also angry that the Grandfather was not ready to let B take any blame for his part. It's not like Caleb is some wild kid that just runs around bullying other people.

Well, I didn't mean for this post to get so long, sorry I rambled, but I would love any input.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Follies

I am starting a new idea of posting my follies of the week every Friday. I figured it would be funny and why not laugh at myself? Chances are there were ten times as many as what I post on here. I'd love it if you joined me and did the same! It would be fun if you left a comment saying you did the same on your blog and I can laugh at you too! Join me!

Oh the pressure! I can not think of anything stupid I did this week. Guess I was brilliant or just walking around asleep most of the week. It was a busy week. Tuesday Brooklyn had to get a physical. Bobby took her but I promised to meet him there because he was freaking out b/c of the girl stuff. Wednesday night was scouts and a YW fundraiser for camp. Since Brooklyn can go to camp this year she gets to help the YW with the fundraiser. Thursday was a meeting for parents of kids trying out for cheerleader and today Bobby is working late and I told Brooklyn she could go to Cici's and play kickball with some friends. The result was a migraine for me three nights in a row and going through gas like it cost pennies a gallon. Don't I wish. How much are you paying for gas? I did manage to pay 2.43 a gallon at Kroger because I got .20 off a gallon. Not horrible.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Memories

Not long after Bobby and I were married Bobby decided it was time to cut his hair. The cheapest, easiest way to do this was to shave it off. Caleb and Seth thought that was pretty cool and got in on the action. We decided that next time, we wouldn't shave it quite so close. They definitely look like my three monkeys here. Seth cried the day after saying he didn't want to go to school, he thought the kids would tease him. I don't think they did, I honestly don't remember but he did hate it. Caleb has shaved it many times since then and now Bobby shaves Ayden's and Dillon's hair.


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