Thursday, May 28, 2009


Nanners on fingers,
Nanners on toes,
Nanners on mom.
I like them and all
But I must admit
My fingers taste best.

And on a last note....
Never a truer statement...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Six months/Brooklyn's a robot!

Dillon is six months today! He is still such a happy baby. You can see in his picture though that he isn't feeling great. He has a bad cough that is very persistent. It does not stop him from giving us big smiles all the time. He sleeps all night and loves to eat. So far he only likes bananas (of course), pears and apples. I mix in some rice cereal so it isn't too runny. He munches down a size one serving in no time flat. I think I need to give him two servings per feeding! He is such a joy and will calmly sit and watch us and try to suck his toes.
Look how much he's grown!
one month:

Six months:

Hmmm.... I think those pajamas look familiar....
Yep! Ayden was wearing those at the beginning of this summer! Now, granted, they are size 12 months and are not snug on Dillon but still! Ayden is two years older and just outgrew that top and now Dillon is wearing it. They grow so fast.

Speaking of growing up so fast, Brooklyn had a program at her school tonight. The fourth and fifth graders dressed up as famous people in history and turned the school into a museum. They were told to act like robots and when viewers came by they would 'press their button' and the robot would tell them all about that individual. Brooklyn was William Lloyd Garrison. What's that you say? You don't know who he is? Well then, have a listen...

Bobby said she looked like a puppet but that was the point. I think she did great. Garrison would've worn knicker type pants and tights so, luckily, she had her brother's too short pants and his shirt. She looked pretty good considering she put it together at the last minute. I didn't think she'd be able to go since Bobby works most nights. She did this entirely on her own. She wrote her part, memorized it and planned the outfit without ever asking for help! She's a doer, for sure!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Crawling Take 1

Dillon likes to get on his hands and knees and rock. Surprisingly enough he will get across the room this way, it's just very slow.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Remembering Mom

She had a favorite primary song, it always made her cry. Now I understand why. She missed her parents and her home near the mountains. Now that I'm away from my home, I finally can feel compassion for what she went through. Now when I hear this song I will always remember her and how much she loved to be outside, to walk in a field of flowers, to spend time with her family, to ride horses, to play games and to listen to music. I love you mom.

I often go walking in meadows of clover,
And I gather armfuls of blossoms of blue.
I gather the blossoms the whole meadow over,
Dear Mother, all flowers remind me of you.

Oh Mother, I give you my love with each flower
To give forth sweet fragrance a whole lifetime through
For if I love blossoms and meadows and walking,
I learn how to love them, dear Mother, from you.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Thank you everyone!

My birthday isn't even here yet and already I am enjoying the gifts and feeling very loved. I admit, for some reason I feel very old this year. I thought that 30 or 40 were the rough birthdays, but for me, it's 35. So when I started receiving cards in the mail it was a nice pick-me-up. Thank you to Grandma and Liz for your thoughtful, pretty cards. They are sitting on my counter to remind me I am loved. Thank you dad and Sheryl for the birthday money and the video featuring yours truly. I wish there was a way for me to rip it and put it up here but if there is, I can't figure it out. It's so cool though! We have all enjoyed it. Thank you so much dear husband for the spa certificate and chain for the charm Holly bought me... leading me to Holly. Thank for the charm, it's darling. She said she chose it because it's called the seven heart charm and we are a family of seven. It's perfect. Here is the charm:
I thought I would post some more pictures of the kids and combine those with a thank you from them to Holly for the little goodies she sent them along with my gift.
Caleb wanted those strings that kids braid into keychains and such. Aunt Holly delivered big time!
Seth wanted a five star notebook with blue lines and red lines. That didn't sound too hard... so how was it the one thing she couldn't find anywhere? She finally found it at a grocery store on her lunch break! Well, Holly, you'll be happy to know, he put it to good use immediately!
Brooklyn is getting the name brand clothes bug that seems to be highly contagious with children her age. Holly had some name brand shirts that had shrunk up on her so she sent them with some cute notepads.
Holly sent the babies three very cute little books. Ayden was melting down when the package came though so he insisted on a picture with no book. He's cute even in the midst of meltdown mode.
Dillon can not hold his book. What is wrong with that kid? In an effort to build those book holding muscles, he is pushing up full force. Here he is, working those arms so they will be better able to turn pages.
Sorry I cut off the top. I have to frame him in the camera, then peek to the side and grin to get a smile out of him. I have no idea why a black box provokes no smiles from that child.

Bobby bought a cake for me and is planning on making a nice dinner tomorrow. He invited over another family and we are all going to celebrate mother's day together. I look forward to it and I'm sure I'll have more photos. Thank you again to everyone who made this birthday special.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Who'd have thought

Who would have thought... this (see below) would be the subject of four days of conversation with Caleb and continues even now? He really likes his undershirts. I think he sees it as a right of passage.
Who would have thought... in sharing an old movie that I used to love as a kid, I created a new obsession for Seth?

Who would have thought... A hard, plastic sippy cup with a car on it could create so much excitement?


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