Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Funny Mess

I know I need to do a Thanksgiving post but that will have to come later when I'm on the other computer with all the pics. This really is just a funny story about what Ayden did after everyone left. I was cleaning up in the kitchen. Bobby's parents, his sister and her daughter were in the living room. It was awfully quiet in the boys' room and I wondered where Ayden was. I called out to him and I heard him going "huh?". He walked out of the downstairs bathroom. I yelled, "Oh no! Ayden!" I guess I sounded distressed b/c it scared Bobby. Well if Bobby saw what I saw he would've yelled too! Ayden walked out of the bathroom bare naked! He had brown smear on the inside of his thighs. I could just picture the condition of the bathroom and braced myself for the worst. However, he had been so neat about the whole thing. His clothes were on the floor. His dirty diaper was in the trash and a piece of toilet paper was in the toilet. He had been trying to clean himself! Poor guy had to - that diaper weighed about five pounds! I had checked him not that long before so I don't know how it got that full that fast. Anyway, he then insisted on sitting on the toilet while I cleaned him. When I got him onto the floor in front of me to make sure he was all clean, he wanted to lift the toilet seat. I thought he was just playing with it, but he started to pee! EEK! He wanted to stand up and pee in the potty like a big boy! It was so funny and so cute. I guess I need to get him some training pants and see if he is ready to potty train or not. He seems so young to me but with two older brothers, maybe he's ready. I would've taken pictures but I thought they'd be a bit disgusting. Just a bit. ;)

Having Dillon here just makes Ayden seems so much older. He's adjusting fairly well. He loves the baby and does not get upset with him but he is a bit more emotional than usual. He has spent the day wanting to sit on my lap or Brooklyn's. He saw me put the baby on the ottoman for a moment and ran over to sit with me and cried when I picked Dillon up before he got to me. I handed Dillon over to Brooklyn for a bit and held Ayden. I am sure he needs some reassurance. I'm impressed though with how sweet he is to Dillon. He's tried to share his sippy cup of milk with Dillon when we talked about the baby being hungry. He also runs to help with diapers and loves to point to Dillon and say 'poopy' with a scowl on his face. It's really cute. Brooklyn, Caleb and Seth are great with Dillon too. They always fight over whose turn it is to hold him and ask me if they can hold him. I'm sure they'll enjoy him more as he gets older.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I'm Keeping My Fingers Crossed

I have been known to say things to jinx myself. I am really trying to be careful about that but I have to mention Dillon's emerging personality. Knock on wood - he just might be a mellow, happy, content child. It's early, I know that, but I am keeping my fingers crossed that what we are seeing is a hint at what is to come from our new little guy. For instance, today, he ate from 10:30 - 11:30 (an hour, yes) then was wide eyed and bushy tailed for over an hour afterward. He sat in his bouncy seat as calm as can be. Then, he had a dirty diaper. After changing him he seemed so content laying on the floor that I left him there and, again, he was calm and content. Wow! Ayden refused to sit in a swing, a bouncy seat, or lay on the floor. I really truly pray that this is just a sign of what is to come. What a sweet baby.....

Here he is just hanging out with me. If I tickle his chin I get a hint of a smile, just not for the camera. I know he is too young for a real smile and it's just a reaction but he makes that 'smile' face quite a bit.
This one isn't from today but it is his bouncy seat that he might actually be fond of! Yay! See how red his face is? Poor guy. It's chapped cheeks and chin and scratches because we didn't get socks on his hands in time.

These are from today after I changed his diaper and he just chilled on the floor. Wow, is this my kid? LOL Just kidding, Brooklyn and Seth were very mellow babies too.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Dillon is Here!

Some of you have already visited Bobby's blog and have seen the his three entries of pictures but I have been told that more are needed and... I definitely need to give my side of the story. ;-)

I went to the doctor's on the 18th and put on the water works. He agreed to induce me on the 19th, well, he said I was on standby and they would call me in the morning. However, my body was smarter and decided to get things going sooner. At 11:30 pm my water broke. Yay! Free ticket to labor and delivery - thank you very much. Still, my contractions did nothing! Since I am positive for Strep B though they had to take me and get my antibiotics started. I told you my body was smart. I stayed there all night, I got an epidural around 2am and got some sleep. Around 7am they started the pitocin and it did not take long after that. One push and I was told to stop so the doctor could get ready. He was there, just not ready. One more push and Dillon was here! He weighed in at 8lbs 10.5 oz. My biggest child yet. He is gorgeous. He has big, wide set eyes and a tiny nose. I think he might have my lips. I call him frog because his face is so round and his eyes are so huge. I was able to stay for two more nights and get some rest. Dillon is on a pretty good schedule and seems to be doing fine. Ayden loves his brother as do the other kids. Honestly, if they boys ask to hold him one more time I think I'll scream! LOL It's all good though. Bobby's mother is here to help and she has been such a great help. Bobby has been home some but working too, of course. So we're all doing pretty well here and now Bobby is yelling to me that Dillon is hungry. Enjoy the pictures!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Just So You're Not Wondering...

I know I haven't posted in a while. It is simply b/c NOTHING is going on. Nothing. Wait! The baby has dropped down. Yay! Now my body's labor will not be pointless. Now if my body would just labor. That would be nice. Since I am already on maternity leave Bobby and I have taken advantage of the time to get some Christmas shopping in. We've really enjoyed our afternoons together - well, the two that he was off anyway. As we were cruising the aisles of Toys R Us we came across this Mattel Barbie Doll. What do you think??? I have name for her...

My name for her? Little Red, riding through the hood. Is it not disgusting?

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Fourth of the Fourth

I think Naomi tagged me, unless she tagged a different Heather. I hate how common my name is. By the way, I love the name Naomi, I have since college. Anyway, if I understood it correctly - and that may not be the case - I am supposed to include the fourth picture from my fourth folder. And... drumroll please....

Oh man, it hasn't been long since I put this one up... Sorry. That is my boy. He chose that outfit all on his own and stole an empty diet coke can. He's so fun.

A bunch of random, with photos!

This post is really just a recap of the week. The week was uneventful to say the least. I hoped there would be more to report (namely the birth of our fifth) but that just wasn't to be this weekend. So... here is what our week looked like in a nutshell.

Bobby likes to sit and watch boring stuff. Boring to me. I guess Ayden likes it too. This is how they ended up the other night.

After work on Wednesday my feet reached record size. They were so swollen I could barely get on flip flops. Flip flops people!! I have no shoes left that fit me. If my flip flops get too tight then I'm in socks, maybe, if they fit. Here are my feet. Sorry they are ugly. I can not reach them to make them look nice. The pictures really don't show how big they are. I am posting the one of both feet so you can see that, even though the left one is swollen, the right one is huge!

Gross huh?

Bobby's mom gave the kids a Halloween gingerbread house. It was the week before Halloween though and they didn't get a chance to do it after school on a night before Halloween. So, Bobby made the frosting yesterday and they had just as much as they would've if they had done it before Halloween. Observe, the black mouths. Eww.

Oh, yeah, the shaved heads. That was another exciting moment this week. Bobby was shaving Caleb's head in the bathroom. Caleb likes to get his head shaved. Seth does not. Therefore, we were not going to shave Seth's head. However, Bobby saw a bug in Caleb's hair. He thought it was lice. He also thought he saw nits. So I looked at Seth's hair but it is so thick I could not see a thing. Seth said we could shave it. What a trooper! Alas, it was not lice. It was little pieces of Bobby's hair still in the clippers. I'm glad it wasn't lice. I'm not so happy with Seth's shaved head and he was not either the next morning. Oh well, it'll grow back, just not in time for our Christmas card, unfortunately.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Streets That Look Like Fire!

The Sunday after Halloween we left for church and realized that almost overnight - the trees had changed. Now, my neighbors may think I'm weird for taking pictures of their homes, but look at the trees! Honestly, the pictures don't even capture it.

I wish I was a better photographer. I wish I could fly all you Houstonians here for the fall scenery!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

No Action, Nothing, Nada...

I am to the point in my pregnancy where I see the doctor once a week. I went yesterday and he confirmed what I dreaded, nothing is really going on at all!! I have had contractions so painful they've brought tears. They've lasted almost an hour and stalled out but they have done nothing to move me closer to having this baby. My feet and ankles are now so swollen that flip-flops are all I can wear. Seriously, my crocs don't even fit. I have a short waist and the baby has nowhere to go at this point. I have heartburn 24/7 and since it's not caused by the usual problems there is not much of a cure. So, other than my complaining... what is going on? We don't know!! Now the doctor is talking about waiting to induce me until the 19th or 24th. ARGH! So Dillon and I have to have a heart to heart. As we were driving last night and Ayden was shrieking in the backseat I told Bobby, "Hear that? That is why Dillon does not want to come out. He is terrified of his big brother and I don't blame him." LOL We got a good laugh out of that but I wonder... maybe Dillon does know he's safer where he is.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Fall Y'all!

The air is crisp, the leaves are changing and our house smells of candy as power rangers, jedi knights, ninjas and witches run amok in our house! That can only mean one thing- Halloween! Caleb declared this as the best Halloween ever. I am sure that kids think that about every Halloween but he was right - it was fun.

Brooklyn was a witch. She wanted to be a goth fairy but most of the costumes looked pretty tacky, big surprise I know. So she settled and was very happy with it and looked very pretty. Caleb was hooked on being a power ranger while Seth, of course, wanted to be Anakin. Anyone who knows Seth could have predicted that I'm sure. Ayden got whatever was left at Old Navy. I like to go at the last minute because the costumes are 50% off. We got lucky though, the only costume in his size was a Ninja - that is exactly what Bobby wanted him to be. Yay us! He was the cutest little ninja ever too with an attitude to match.

When I got home from work yesterday, Brooklyn had been invited to a Halloween party by a girl in our neighborhood. She was thrilled. It was her fondest wish to trick or treat with freinds this year and she had no luck finding anyone to invite. This way she was with a huge group, partying before and trick or treating for an hour with more friends than she could have dreamed of!
Caleb and Seth had their heart set on going with a friend but he had not come by yet. We decided to take the boys just down the street and back while it was still light. I didn't want to take Ayden in the dark. There weren't many people home yet but they got a bit. Then they stood out front and threw the football with Bobby as I sat on the front porch prepared to hand out candy. We decided to let the boys walk down the street in both directions while it was light and we could see them. They got quite a bit of candy just doing that! Eventually their friend showed up and they went out to get more.

We ordered chinese and by the time it got here we were just about out of candy and we tucked in for the night. The boys put in Goosebumps and ate candy on a blanket on the floor. Ayden finally crashed and we enjoyed spending the rest of the night together. Here are some photos of the day.

The kids all decked out for trick-or-treat!

Finally, a smile from the ninja!

Our leaves are finally changing color a bit!

Another leaf shot!

Ayden flipped out when he got the sucker and we didn't let him have it while we were trick or treating - he won.


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