Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it snow round two

We had a good snow earlier this year. We even got to miss three days of school. Good times. No such luck this time. The snow came the Friday night that we got off of school for Christmas break. Not only that, but the snow came fast and heavy and was much too deep to play in. Oh well, it makes for pretty pictures. Everything looks prettier in the snow.

This first shot was after about an hour of the white stuff falling:

I just like comparing, the picture above was the night before around 6:00 the one below is about 9am the next morning.

Brooklyn's concert and Seth's program

My two little actors had programs two weeks in a row. First, Brooklyn had one for choir. She donned her white, button-down shirt and black pants and was ready to sing her heart out. I took her to the school along with her friend, Grace. There was a bake sale and I bought them some treats and we settled in to enjoy the show. Brooklyn's choir was first and they sang three songs. She did a great job and smiled as she sang, no stage fright for my kid! These pictures aren't that great but it was the best I could get. She is the furthest on the right. She has no vest.
Seth had a program too. He was so excited. He got to make a top hat in art to wear for his dance! The fifth graders sang and each third grade class did a dance. Seth had a small speaking part and did such a good job! I was so proud of him. I brought my camera and as I turned it on I discovered that I had no memory card. Brilliant I know. Just imagine my little guy, with big eyes in a top hat that was a tad too big for him, grinning and dancing away!

Caleb's birthday.... late, I know

I have been a horrible blogger lately. I have been busy but that is no excuse. I really was avoiding the blogging until I got a picture of Caleb with his new bike but that never happened and I kept putting it off so I'll start with Caleb's birthday.

Caleb turned 10 on Dec. 2. We celebrated the Sunday before and let him open his presents and got him a cake. Unfortunately, the cake had flowers b/c it was bought last minute. More about that later. He requested spaghetti for that dinner. Bobby grumbled about it but then said it was the best spaghetti he had. I told him I'd remind his of that every time he complained about eating spaghetti. Caleb successfully blew out all his candles, I wonder what he wished for.

On Caleb's actually birthday we took him to Friendly's, a place totally geared to kids. Check out that kid's menu. Insane. They have a better menu than the adults. They had a great time there. The Saturday before his birthday Bobby and I played a trick on him. We talked about stopping by Target to pick up some face cream and trash bags and bought him a bike. He was totally taken off guard and was so excited. Then, Merritt sent him a bike helmet and a book and Aunt Holly sent him two books he has asked for. Grandma and Papa sent him some cash and so did Aunt Noreen - he was rich! We were going to have a party for him but since his present was quite pricey, he agreed that we could wait until next year. It really was a great birthday for him and lasted several days!

Caleb has been doing very well in school this year. I don't hear any behavior problems so if he's acting up it must not be too badly. He is working very hard to keep his grades up, he really has grown up so much this year. Caleb is great with Dillon. He's patient and eager to help him. He has a girlfriend but that is pretty much the only person we hear about. I hope he has other friends too. Caleb is trying harder to complete his chores without being reminded so he can earn time on his bike. He still asks a lot of questions and has a booming voice but he's calmer and less inclined to argue. We're so proud of him!


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