Friday, September 18, 2009

This School Year... so far

Not that I've been promoted but having five preps makes me feel like my wheel has gotten larger. It definitely makes going to work more of a chore.

Friday, September 11, 2009

First Day of School and Dillon

Dillon is nine months old now and I realized that I have not done monthly pictures for about three months. I still don't have a month shot but we did get some photos of him playing with Daddy and I got a video of him just being himself. He likes to climb, stick out his tongue and babble. He wants to go everywhere he is not allowed to go. He is playful and easygoing and never cries. We moved him into a crib in Ayden's room and he's doing very well. Ayden is too. I was worried that if Dillon cried at night Ayden would be a pill about going back to bed, but he's totally fine with it. Sometimes he'll ask what's wrong but all I have to do is answer him and he just goes right back to sleep. Wow!

Beware to anyone who lays on our living room floor. We have an attack infant.

Dillon found a niche. He's so funny.
Ayden likes to take the cushion off our chair. It's lower anyway but once that cushion is gone, it's the perfect size to climb up and hang out!

Seth's Harry Potter wand finally came. I bought it for his birthday and had to call and have it resent. He was so excited, it was worth it.

Caleb and Seth decided to have a duel now that they have two wands.

The first day of school dawned... well, it didn't dawn. It was dark! Very dark! The boys were ready at 6am, an hour early. I woke Brooklyn up a bit early so I could get a photo before I had to leave. Here are my three (big) babies on their first day. Brooklyn is in 6th grade now, Caleb in 4th and Seth is in 3rd. They are growing up so fast.
The night before school I made a special, back-to-school dinner of pot roast, potatoes, and carrots. Then we all had strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream. They each got to build their own master piece. It was our one last celebration of summer. Good bye summer, welcome fall!
I guess I need to do an Ayden update next. He's been sadly absent from my posts. I'll get right on that. He has been just hilarious lately but I'd never get it on camera. I'll manage something.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Things I must say/do too often...

Having children is a great way to figure out the things that I say too often. Everyone has catch phrases, I can only guess that the following are mine since Ayden is using them ALL the time now. All the time.

"I'll get it!"
"In a minute"

Not too bad. Sure. At least there aren't ten of these and at least he's not spouting curse words. But the clincher was when Caleb and Seth both had the same response to praise. Example:

Caleb lets Seth have a sip of his drink.
Mom: Thank you for sharing Caleb, that was nice of you.
Caleb: Are you being sarcastic?

Seth shows me an item on Amazon that he wants to purchase with his money.
Mom: That's nice, I think you'll like that.
Seth: Are you being sarcastic?

Do you think I've been teaching middle school for too long? I have been trying so hard to give my children positive feedback and I guess they are truly baffled. They think every nice comment I make is sarcasm.


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