Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Tag from the beauty queen

A-Attached or Single?- Attached, at the hip

B-Best Friend?- Amy since I've known her the longest - she knows me the best

C-Cake or Pie?- Cake

D-Day of Choice?- Saturday

E-Essential Item?- my debit card

F- Favorite color? blue - couldn't you guess?

G-Gummy Bears or Worms?- Worms

H-Hometown?- Houston TX

I-Favorite Indulgence?- cream puffs or Oreo McFlurry

J-January or July? July - no work

K-Kids? four and one on the way. not to mention my 120+ students that I call my kids, which confuses my kids.

L-Life isn't complete without? My D Puff - Bobby

M-Marriage Date?- October 29, 2005

N-Number of brothers and sisters? 1 sister

O-Oranges or Apples?- apples, oranges are too messy to enjoy but they taste better

P-Phobia and Fears? Enochlophobia the fear of crowds - I have it pretty bad too

Q-Quote?- Too many to name here or to choose

R-Reason to smile?- my family

S-Season of choice?- fall - there is just a different feeling in the air

T-Tag ten people?- Everyone on my friends and family list that hasn't done this one already.

U-Unknown fact about me?- I like to write and school supplies make my heart pitter patter

V-Vegetable?- squash

W-Worst habit?- overthinker

Y-Your favorite food?- right now the baby wants chips and salsa all the time. I like Chili's salsa best, this will change soon I'm sure.

Z-Zodiac Sign?- Taurus

Monday, April 28, 2008

5 Minutes For Mom: Mother's Day Photo Contest

Motherhood: Is about being wrapped up in warmth and love.

Not only was this a lovely, quiet nap with my fourth baby, but I am napping on my treasure from my mother. My mother, sister and I picked out this fabric. She sent it to her grandmother, who made the quilt for her. When my mother passed away I received the quilt and I cherish it and the memories that go with it. I see it and remember sorting through fabric with my mother and sister, I see it and I imagine my great-grandmother squinting over each stitch and putting her heart into each square. Motherhood can't be wrapped up in one picture or one phrase but this one covers so much of it to me.

To enter the 5 Minutes for Mom’s “Mother’s Day Photo Contest” for a chance to win $1,000, go HERE

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Nothing to say really

LOL Seriously, there is just nothing going on here. No news to report, no pictures to post - just a dry spell over here. I have been so sick every night that I don't have the energy to do anything especially anything that would be post worthy. Things are still up in the air about the exact date of our move. Right now we are really hoping we can rent a house from a friend of Bobby's. So we may bump up our move because it might be ready sooner. Other than that? Blah! That's our life right now. The kids got their report cards and they are doing great in school. Ayden is having better days - he's not cranky as much but he did wake up at 5am this morning! What is up with that? He better not do that tomorrow! :) I just thought I'd post something to let everyone know that we're still here but just as boring as ever.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ten Virgins

This is going to be a long post but I really feel like I've been out of touch with my spiritual side as I get caught up in my day to day troubles. When I was in young womens an artist, Gayla Prince, spoke to us about a painting she did depicting the parable of the ten virgins from Matthew 25. This presentation really touched me, so much so that I remember it today. My mother bought me the print and later had it framed beautifully for me. I lost it in the divorce, I was so upset. I still plan on purchasing it again one day. There is also a poem that goes along with the painting that really gives me cause to ponder; I wanted to post it here in hopes that it will reach someone who will enjoy it. I ache to think I might be one of the five foolish virgins who came unprepared to meet the bridegroom but I hope that sometimes there is a bit of the virtuous five in me.

Which Virgin?

A parable the Savior told to his disciples long ago
Of wise and also foolish ways, of signs and saints in latter-days.
The things He saw, we too can see, when next he come to you and me.

Ten virgins bearing lamps alight awaited the bridegroom through the night.
Invited, honored guests they came, some wise - some foolish, not the same.
Those who have eyes will surely see, they're much the same as you and me.

The first bears palms for homage true, an olive branch, a lily too.
Her voice speaks peace; she's humble, meek; she often turns the other cheek.
So pure in heart, oh, could it be - that his first virgin could be me?

The second crowned in burial white, seems searching for a heavenly sight.
The sacrament - her gift of love; the wheat and water decreed above.
Her repentant heart we all can see; perhaps this virgin could be me?

The third in Priesthood blue and gold concerns herself with young and old;
Ordinances for the living and the dead, two doves she brings the Prince who weds -
The Holy Ghost and sealings' key, this lovely virgin must be me.

Tall and fair with scrolls and lyre, the fourth seeks truth and knowledge power.
She sets her goals on talents bright, keeping eternity in sight.
She'll reach her goals and grow to be the kind of virgin I would be.

But wait, more wise than any others, the fifth give charity to her brothers.
Quietly, gently, her fruits are shared with all who need her loving care.
Even the foolishes' need she sees; oh, that this virgin might be me.

The sixth in proud and rich array lack for naught along life's way.
The treasures of the earth she brings; 'tis more to earth that heav'n she clings.
In her I see a part of me; is this the virgin I will be?

The seventh is surely pleasure's child, in dress and pose, not meek or mild.
It's time for eat and drink and fun; there's ample time ere the bridegroom comes
Her foolishness she cannot see; do other see that part of me?

The eighth has much to overcome - addictions and excess have quite undone
That temple holy her soul once was, now all eroded for sins' own cause.
If I'm not careful as can be, this foolish virgin will be me.

The virgin nine who loves the dark, in secret seeks to leave her mark.
Drawing others from the light, she sees all things with Satan's sight.
Her foolishness is sad to see; don't let her be a part of me.

Should I become a virgin ten, with power over the acts of men.
A troubled conscience I might know, as though the busy world I go;
All ego and dishonesty is what the world expects of me.

Am I more foolish or more wise? Am I living in disguise?
Do I gather oil ever bright, to keep my gospel flame alight?
When the bridegroom come, I pray He'll see one wise virgin will be me.
Poem © 1985 Barbara G. Dykstra, Mesa, AZ
Painting © 1984 Gayla Prince Larson

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Here's to hoping...

Those of you that know our son Ayden know that, as much as we love him and as funny as he is, he is quite a handful. He always has been. Bobby's new theory is that since I am so sick this time around, more so than with any other pregnancy, except maybe Brooklyn, that this baby will be more mellow and easier to handle. Hmmm, I'm not sure what logic there is to that but it gives me hope. I'm just ready to get past this sick stage. Blah!

Here, for kicks, one of his many fits...
this is the norm more often than not.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Just me and the boys!

I took the boys to the park today. It was gorgeous outside and I would be completely foolish not to go out and enjoy it a bit. I must say it helped with my nausea. Are you ready for a picture overload? LOL

First, should I tell you how many times I had to send the boys back to the car? I took Ayden out and he didn't want to go in the stroller so he was walking beside me, holding on to it and I noticed he was walking funny. Of course I didn't even notice that he had taken off both shoes and one sock in the car. So he was walking barefoot over acorns. I sent Caleb back to get the sock and shoes, he returned with a sock. So I sent Caleb and Seth back for both. They made it. Then I realized I didn't have the diaper bag... great. So they went back again. Three trips back... That's not too bad is it?

The rest of our outing was uneventful, and there is nothing much to say. I'll put a couple of captions but come on... they're boys. I think the pictures say it all.

I promise, he is smiling. Ayden likes to swing. You can't see him here but Seth was discovering it's fun to push him - mostly he karate chopped the swing to keep it moving. You can, however, see Caleb in the background. He is the one in the red shirt picking caterpillars off the tree.
Caleb loves to hang on stuff. he climbed the entire time. When he wasn't helping Ayden, that is.

Seth loves to goof off! Whenever he sees a camera he poses... Well, he was probably playing harder than Caleb and Ayden although the only thing you can see here is him striking a pose!
Ayden may like to swing but he really hates to slide. Hmm... that seems a bit odd. What Ayden loved and kept going back to was the wobbly bridge. He thought that was the best.He liked all the bridges actually. He loved to stand and watch the other kids.
I just loved this picture. When it was time to go Ayden decided he wanted to push the stroller. It just wasn't working out for him though. He ended up riding in it and not fighting me at all. Then we went to the video store and he let me carry him and didn't even fight it. He must've been pretty tuckered out!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Another pictureless post - updated

Being a grown up is just scary, rotten business sometimes. I have always known that. It is precisely why I never really wanted to be a grown up. Sure I looked forward to getting married and having a family. That was never a worry. Even now that is the part of being a grown up I truly cherish. Even on bad days, I love being a wife and a mother and, most days, I think I do that fairly well.

The scary part of grown uphood is the 'making a living' part. In a perfect world this part would not be scary. If one worked hard and gave all they had/could to their job and did their part, everyone would have exactly what they needed to provide for their family. Of course, we all know this is not the perfect world and we are too human to live the law of consecration. *sigh* So, we scurry about, killing ourselves trying to do the best at our jobs and hope someone notices so that maybe we'll get a raise, promotion...etc. The problem is, when we are doing our best, it is Murphy's law that no one will notice. When we have a bad day... that is when the higher ups will come by. Such is life in the American workforce and probably everywhere in the world.

What brought on all this worry and musing? Bobby is so unhappy at work. I know this, his family knows this, his boss knows this, ok, anyone who talks to him knows this. We know it is just a matter of months until we leave and yet I don't know how long his temperament and blood pressure can handle this. Therefore, when others that work close to him begin to leave I know it makes him antsy to do the same. I don't blame him. He has been looking into other jobs casually for the past month or so. Now he is going full force. He is using his sick days and pounding the pavement in search of something new. I know he needs to. This is without doubt, and I'm ok with that. But now all the uncertainty is rushing in and I'm thinking of the cost of moving and feeding four kids and all the other bills that still have to get paid. I know he'll find something. He is a hard worker, a good worker, I just hate the limbo of not knowing.

So, I will dream of Neverland and Peter Pan and a perfect world in which everyone pulls their weight and everyone is taken care of and I'll live in the real world of grown up woes. Of bills and jobs and bosses that are too busy to take notice of what their employees are really trying to do. Not that I meant for this to get depressing so let me add: I am so thankful for my healthy family, for my current job and future job, for my faith in my Heavenly Father and the gospel of my church, for smiling faces that kiss me and hug me daily and for all the prayers and thoughts of family and friends. Bobby and I are, without a doubt, truly blessed. That leaves this post on a strange note but I'm strange so what's new?

Thank heavens for Scott A., Bobby's current boss, he cooled my hot headed husband and now Bobby realizes that staying put until we move is the best way to go. Sheesh, what a week. Thanks Scott!


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