Thursday, December 4, 2008

Caleb turns 9!

You were born early, early in the morning on Dec. 2, 1999. When Bina saw you she said, "he looks all boy", and you sure are! Your first baby sitter nicknamed you Mr. Personality because you had a huge smile that just lit up your face and changed it completely. You had a rough start and got very sick when you were just three weeks old. It really scared everyone, but you got better quickly and have been so healthy ever since. You were a friendly toddler that went up to everyone with your arms up to be held. You loved to play with your sister and watch Blue's Clues. Now you're getting so big and into things like football and trading cards. I can't believe how quickly it's all gone by. You are so smart and ask such good questions. You like to learn and share with others. I admire how kind you are to your friends and your brother. We love you so much and are so glad you are part of our family.
Mom and Pop

Wow, poor Caleb. Having a birthday right after Thanksgiving and just before Christmas usually means that he gets a bit 'lost in the shuffle'. He's the first birthday I've been late with. Not only that but we can't find the power cord to our scanner so I don't get to do his slide show. I feel so bad about that. But we did celebrate.

We went to Chuck E Cheese on Monday night. That is where Caleb picked for his birthday dinner. He asked to invite a friend so at the last minute he called a friend from school whose dad was able to bring him over to meet us. They ate pizza and played, of course, so I didn't really even see them! Silly me forgot the camera. I'll add that to my list of bad mommy moments.

Caleb's actual birthday was Tuesday. He requested meatloaf but our oven is on the fritz so he requested spaghetti. That I can do! We got him a cake and I decorated it and we all enjoyed a good dinner. Then we let him stay up late to watch a movie. He seemed very happy with the way the day turned out. I felt a bit bad about it and wished I had been able to hit on more of his wants but overall, it turned out well. We got him a remote control VW bug - it's on big wheels and looks cool. He really likes it. We also gave him some money to add to what he already has. We've told him to wait to spend it though until after Christmas. I hope he does.

Here are some photos from the day:

I love that there is a pediegg right by his cake. Yay. LOL

Blow out the candles and get your spankings!!

Enjoying dinners and our sodas!

Slurp it up Caleb

Pop and Ayden

Seth drinking more soda than eating spaghetti!

Brooklyn's big bite!


brooke said...

Happy Birthday Caleb!! I can't believe you're 9, I remember watching you 3 days a week when you were 5 and we'd play the "Ms. Brooke, kick me down" game. Yes, Caleb and Seth could have me push them over with my foot. Caleb got a rug burn, oops!! But they LOVED it.
I also remember throwing you guys in the leaves I worked so tirelessly to rake!!
Miss you guys!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! It is really hard to believe you are 9!!! You are not supposed to grow up so fast.
I love all the pics of family dinner time.

Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! Chuck E Cheese is everyones favorite!

Heather, you're not a slacker mom, just a great mom of FIVE. Jackson's birthday is 1/11 and I think we'll celebrate it on his un-birthday (Six months later) when he's older. I'm not sure if I can do a child's birthday so close to Christmas. You sure have a lot on your plate, holidays, newborn, recovering from newborn, Caleb's birthday...Makes me tired just thinking about it. :)

Grammy said...

Happy Birthday Caleb! We love you and miss you sooo much! The pictures are reninders of how quickly everyone is growing up. And you are doing a great job, Heather. You do a lot better taking pictures than I ever did. I need to get some of yours to print and keep here with us.

brookie said...

it was really fun !!!!


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