Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Ayden is a good big brother

Tonight Ayden came and sat next to me while I was holding Dillon. He wanted to hold the baby. I sat Ayden with his legs spread out in front of him and put Dillon between them. Ayden sat drinking his chocolate milk with one hand while patting Dillon with the other.
If Brooklyn or I tried to take Dillon Ayden would say, "No, mine baby".
Then Dillon started to fuss and Ayden said, "S'okay. Sssh", while he patted Dillon's shoulder and kissed his head. It was so sweet. I tried to get some of it on video but Ayden refuses to perform. Oh well. We got a cute shot.

Here is just a random shot of Dillon all bundled up. We are getting good naps out of him when he's wrapped up in his carseat. I guess he likes how snug it feels. I don't know, but he looks awfully cute.


Holly said...

okay, that is pretty cute with Ayden holding onto Dillon.

Now, help me change my background! Please.....

Grammy said...

That is so precious. I had to read it to your dad. What a wonderful memory. It is nice to know Ayden will be protective of little brother.

brookie said...

I did an artical about it too called"Bro's for life",they are cute!!!

Jenna and Dillon said...

Awww they are the cutest!


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