Saturday, December 20, 2008

One Month!

Dillon was exactly one month old yesterday. Of course he didn't go to the doctor so I don't have his precise weight and height and all but when I took him at 3 weeks he was over nine pounds and about 22 inches long. Big boy! He seems to be putting on some fat but mostly he is getting longer! He will stay awake and alert for about two hours at a time now and seems to take two very long naps. We are trying to get a routine down. We have some bad days here and there. He, like Ayden, loves to be held. I need to look into a swing for him because he loves the rocking motion. He will give us a huge grin when we talk to him now and he gurgled a bit today as he smiled. I love this stage as difficult as it can seem sometimes. I am stealing an idea off of two other blogs and taking a picture of Dillon each month in the same spot with the same item to show a comparison. We've chosen, well Bobby's chosen, a Titans cap. I think this first one turned out cute, then he 'waved' to everyone.
On a different note Caleb has been such a big help. Brooklyn is my usual helper but she has been so busy lately and Caleb has totally pitched in. He does not even wait for me to ask him to help. He has been asking, "What can I do to help out?" He's held Dillon, fed Dillon, played with Ayden, taken Ayden outside, fixed soup for himself and Seth and numerous other 'chores'. Wow, what a responsible kid!
Oh I just thought this was so cute. We put Dillon in his bouncy seat while we ate dinner. What a great location for him, he couldn't stop staring at the tree. Bobby ran to get the camera. He is so cute.


Grammy said...

Caleb, we are so proud of you and the helper and nice young man that you are. Dillon gets cuter every day as do all the children.

Holly said...

Way to go Idaho! (Caleb)
that pic of Dillon made me laugh!! The wave, so funny

Blarney Girl said...

Hey Heather, tell Bobby we're still friends, but that I can't understand how he can be a fan of the Traitors, I mean Titans! LOL

Dillon is so dang cute and I'm with Holly, I love the wave! :D

That's awesome that Caleb is being so responsible with his two baby brothers!

camille said...

OMGosh, it makes me want to have another baby. I love him waving at us! what a character already!

Marla said...

He's getting big already! A month old!


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