Sunday, December 14, 2008

I spoke too soon...

I knew this would happen. I posted that Dillon was a mellow baby. Big mistake. Oh well. He is not what I would call colicky - not at all. He is just a bit fussy and rather gassy it seems. Not only that but I think he's going to have to take a bottle as my body just doesn't seem to be producing enough milk for him. I'm rather sad about that but I don't want Dillon to always be so hungry and he was. It's probably due to the fact that between feeding the two baby boys all day, I rarely take the time to eat. Or, at least, I don't eat much. Dillon likes to be held quite a bit, so when he naps I'm trying to give Ayden my full attention. It's been rather draining. Not to mention that Dillon wakes up to eat about an hour and a half before Ayden wakes up so I don't get to go back to sleep after that feeding and I'm wiped out. How did I ever do this before with a toddler and a newborn? LOL I guess I was just younger. Oh well. Dillon is such a blessing and a joy in our home. We are so happy he is here no matter how much he wants to be held. Who can blame him? He likes a good cuddle and honestly, no one minds giving him what he wants.


Jeanette said...

Hopefully, he will calm down once on the bottle and he's eating more. It IS hard juggling all the kids isn't it?! How do we do it?

Jackson did have colic so maybe this won't help, but-My cousin suggested a product called Gripe Water. It is sold at our Walgreens (& only there) in the baby section. It is an herbal liquid mainly of ginger and fennel for the babies tummy. It helps with gas, heartburn/indegestion, teething, etc. It helped Jackson more than just the gas drops.

Good luck. You have your hands full. :)

Jason and Lissa said...

Hmm, this post sounds JUST like my experience! For the first week or two, I remember thinking Kiera was so mellow that I actually had the thought, "This is easier than everyone said it'd be." BIG mistake! :)

I, too, did not produce enough milk for Kiera and switched to formula. (I've had so many people say that your body responds to how much the baby sucks, but that's not the experience I had. I had so little milk that I didn't feel ANY pain when I dried up!) I never ate, either, but I don't have the excuse of another child--I was just tired and didn't think about it in those rare moments I wasn't taking care of Kiera.

Neither gripe water nor mylicon (and its generics) have worked for Kiera, so if you find something that does help with the gassiness, let me know!

Good luck, Heather! Hang in there.

j said...

I remember before I had kids wanting my kids to be "hellions", you know the wild and crazy kids. Man do I ever regret that now (most of the time at least).


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