Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Pictures of all the kids

As I shooed all the kids out the door to play I realized that I've been neglectful in getting pictures of them. I guess we get caught up in taking pictures of Dillon and we don't always get pictures of the older kids, unless they're with Dillon. LOL So, what better time to get some shots then when they are out having fun. Today was perfect for playing outside because it actually isn't cold today. Finally! It's been in the lower 40's for two weeks now. By the time the kids finish their homework it is close to sunset and getting too nippy. I have to bribe them to take Ayden out with them but really, with three of them it isn't too bad if they take turns watching him. They don't agree. Especially Brooklyn because she is usually the one that gets stuck with him. I did include some pics of Dillon too but I can't help it! He's so cute and this age just doesn't last.

Seth - guaranteed to poop out first. He is the first one out when I say they can play and the first one to run back inside saying he's tired or cold or bored.
Caleb showing off on his skateboard. They like the driveway better because those stones are bumpy, but they have to keep Ayden off the driveway.

Ah Brooklyn. You may ask, does she ever not pose? The answer is no. No, she is always, always in pose mode. Always.
I just had to include this one because it's such a classic 'Ayden face'. He's always like this! Believe it or not, he wasn't even grumpy when I took this. He was pushing the bike and I told him to get on it. I guess that's why I got this look. This is the bike he bought with the birthday money from Grandma and Papa in Houston.

Do you think that is Ayden's coat? LOL He grabs whichever jacket he sees first. Silly kid.

Ah Dillon... what a cutie huh? He really is smiling here. It's not gas. We were talking to him and tickling his chin. He is very ticklish. Poor chapped cheeks and chin though. That's cleared up. That is from Thanksgiving whereas the one just above is from last week so it's more recent. He already seems so big. He's going to his 2 week check up a week late, Thursday, because I forgot to call for an appointment. Bad mom, I know. Here he is in his usual state... sleeping.


Jeanette said...

I laughed at this one! So true about the pictures. I agree, all tweens pose-all the time. And Ayden is such a ham.

Holly said...

Okay, I have to agree. Ayden & Dillon have been monopolizing the pics! And notice, there is 3 pics of Dillon, 2 pics of Ayden and just one of the other 'older' kids!
Love the outside at play/pose pics!!

Grammy said...

They have to be the cutest kids on the planet!

Heather said...

Hey! In all fairness, I had to post a normal picture of Ayden to show that he really was in a good mood and Dillon is new so yes, he will monopolize pictures! LOL

Grammy - I totally think they are at least the cutest kids in Richmond!

brooke said...

Wow, Ayden chose a bike that looks just like Seth's old bike. We kept it for a while, then gave it to a needy family in the ward here. There are a lot of miles on that old bike.
The pics are cute.
I need to start planning my days in VA. Let me know when would be a good time to visit you guys. We're driving out on the 19th, then we'll head back here about the 29th.

Marla said...

Your kids are all adorable! Love the pictures! Dillon is just a cutie! I love those cheeks!!

brookie said...

Me dillion and aydwen are the cutest things!(sometimes caleb and seth)


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