Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Part II - Christmas Day

I'm mostly just going to post pictures because they tell the story well. Santa visited and brought the kids all they asked for. After we raided the stockings we got ready to go to Bobby's parents. It was a gorgeous day, a nice drive and a great lunch. Everyone had a wonderful time.

Ayden eating some chocolate out of his stocking.
Bobby, half asleep, watching the kids go crazy with the stockings.
Grandma and Poppy gave Dillon a Santa suit for the occasion. Isn't he sweet?
Brooklyn with easy bake oven treats and Seth's new Star Wars book.
Brooklyn got a bike. She's growing so fast. I'm nervous about the independence that it means.
Caleb likes to play Battleship so he got an electronic one from Santa.
Seth has been asking for a guitar for so long! Watch out world, he's coming!
Ayden loves his new kitchen!

Brooklyn and Seth dig in to Grandma's treats with their two cousins.Caleb tries out the divinity.
The tree was gorgeous!

Poppy and Ayden are best buds. Ayden loves to play with him.
Brooklyn loves having another girl to play with.Bobby sitting back with Ayden...
Grandma taking a chance to cuddle with Dillon. He slept most of the time we were there. Why won't he do that at home? LOL


brooke said...

wow, looks like they had a great christmas!! My comment is about Seth... is he going to learn a lot of Creed songs on his guitar? Is he into them anymore? He used to use my pans and wooden spoons to play drums and jam to creed many times while i watched him! Fun times!!

Heather said...

Oh yeah! Well Bobby doesn't like Creed so he doesn't listen to them now. The first song he wants to learn is 99 red balloons. LOL

Holly said...

It looks like the kids made out like bandits! It's good to see the pics.

Hey, how did the pound cake turn out?

Marla said...

Oh looks like fun!! Hey when did Ayden get so skinny? LOL Last I saw he was still a rolly polly little guy!

Oh, and you said true instead of tree! HA! Something that I would totally do.

Jeanette said...

I love your Christmas photos. It wasn't until I looked at all of your fabulous photos that I realized-we forgot to take pictures this year! My bad. Love yours.

Happy New Year.


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