Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Funny Mess

I know I need to do a Thanksgiving post but that will have to come later when I'm on the other computer with all the pics. This really is just a funny story about what Ayden did after everyone left. I was cleaning up in the kitchen. Bobby's parents, his sister and her daughter were in the living room. It was awfully quiet in the boys' room and I wondered where Ayden was. I called out to him and I heard him going "huh?". He walked out of the downstairs bathroom. I yelled, "Oh no! Ayden!" I guess I sounded distressed b/c it scared Bobby. Well if Bobby saw what I saw he would've yelled too! Ayden walked out of the bathroom bare naked! He had brown smear on the inside of his thighs. I could just picture the condition of the bathroom and braced myself for the worst. However, he had been so neat about the whole thing. His clothes were on the floor. His dirty diaper was in the trash and a piece of toilet paper was in the toilet. He had been trying to clean himself! Poor guy had to - that diaper weighed about five pounds! I had checked him not that long before so I don't know how it got that full that fast. Anyway, he then insisted on sitting on the toilet while I cleaned him. When I got him onto the floor in front of me to make sure he was all clean, he wanted to lift the toilet seat. I thought he was just playing with it, but he started to pee! EEK! He wanted to stand up and pee in the potty like a big boy! It was so funny and so cute. I guess I need to get him some training pants and see if he is ready to potty train or not. He seems so young to me but with two older brothers, maybe he's ready. I would've taken pictures but I thought they'd be a bit disgusting. Just a bit. ;)

Having Dillon here just makes Ayden seems so much older. He's adjusting fairly well. He loves the baby and does not get upset with him but he is a bit more emotional than usual. He has spent the day wanting to sit on my lap or Brooklyn's. He saw me put the baby on the ottoman for a moment and ran over to sit with me and cried when I picked Dillon up before he got to me. I handed Dillon over to Brooklyn for a bit and held Ayden. I am sure he needs some reassurance. I'm impressed though with how sweet he is to Dillon. He's tried to share his sippy cup of milk with Dillon when we talked about the baby being hungry. He also runs to help with diapers and loves to point to Dillon and say 'poopy' with a scowl on his face. It's really cute. Brooklyn, Caleb and Seth are great with Dillon too. They always fight over whose turn it is to hold him and ask me if they can hold him. I'm sure they'll enjoy him more as he gets older.


brooke said...

wow, those are impressive bathroom manners... good try ayden, you'll get it!
I'm glad to hear they're all adjusting well. I'll bet brooklyn is a huge help.

Jules said...

I think it was great that you gave the baby to Brooklyn and held Ayden. That is why he is sweet to Dillon. He hasn't had a need to feel any resentment. Good Job for being in tune to his needs.

And you're right. The bathroom seen could have been so bad! I can't tell you how many finger painted poop bathrooms I've seen through my baby-sitting years. What a big boy, I'm impressed!


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