Wednesday, December 17, 2008

One pimpin' baby and thanks Grammy

This outfit was worn by Bobby and his brother, Eric. When Ayden was born Bobby's mother brought it for him to wear. There is a picture somewhere of Ayden in it. Now it's Dillon's turn. He had a good day today and I don't know if it was because Bobby was here to help me, if it was the cool polyester outfit with a butterfly collar or if it was due to giving him bottle for his morning and afternoon feeding.

Brooklyn called Grammy tonight and found out that we should be expecting a package. We checked by the front door and sure enough there it was. She sent the kids the cutest thing to count down the 12 days of Christmas! I don't know if she came up with it on her own or if she found it in a magazine but it's adorable. There is a hug and a kiss for each day and a big kiss for Christmas day! They love them.
Just a close up so you can see how it looks. So cute, thanks Grammy!


Holly said...

I voting for the bottle of formula. Nothing against you Heather, but maybe he just a typical hungry boy??? I'm not sure that outfit helped his happy mood, but maybe Bobby helping out?

Lacey said...

How neat that they wear/wore and outfit that their daddy wore! We have a shirt for Landon that was Clint's. It's so fun to dress him in it. He looks like a blast from the past.

And those Christmas countdown kisses are such a cute idea!

brooke said...

Now, make sure to keep that outfit for Dillon's boys to wear!!
What a cute package to get in the mail! Kids love getting stuff from Grandparents.

Marla said...

So cute!! I love it. Your boy is getting big already. :( They grow so fast.


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