Tuesday, June 9, 2009

To Mary

She had a hard life, but it made her strong. She was a hard worker and knew no other way to get a job done but to give it everything she had. She served others unfailingly. She brought food to comfort everyone she knew. And her food? Only the best; what came out of her kitchen could say "I love you" better than any words she could offer. She touched the lives of so many children that went through the schools of Bay City. She was Miss Mary. She showed those children acceptance and taught them perseverance. She had unshakable faith. It did not matter the hand life dealt her because she could take it and add it to who she was to make her a better person. She loved music, she loved to hear others sing. She enjoyed games and watching her grandchildren play. She taught me to listen. She taught me yes ma'am and no sir. She made the best chocolate pie. Her white hair was always neat. Her dress, classic and classy. Jeans? No sir, those were for the field. She had to wear those often enough in her time. She did not wear them once she married and left that life behind. She was stern and strict. She was going to teach us and teach us proper. She loved to rock, rock and think, rock and talk, rock and listen. She loved to rock the babies. That was all she could talk about when her first great grandchild was born, how she couldn't wait to sit and rock the baby. Her family at her table, her friends at the church, her flowers in her garden - these were the things that were important to her. "Well," that is what she would say as she chewed on a new thought, "good, that's good, that's nice." I can hear her sweet, southern voice even now. She was a steadfast daughter, sister, wife, mother, grandmother, great grandmother, teacher, friend, care giver. She would praise you to others but expect more of you. I understand that. We will miss you GG. We will miss your company, seeing you wave good-bye from the driveway surrounded by your flowers, your down home meals, your hugs and the big kisses on our cheek with your hands on our faces. That is what I remember.


Grammy said...

Your tribute to your Granna is very sweet. Thank you for sharing.

Kate said...

Heather that was so beautiful. I'm crying! I'm so sorry for your loss, I know how much you love your Grana.

Holly said...

That was excellent! You could have written the eulogy.

Love you!

brookie said...

same her mom i miss her 2


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