Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Swinging babies and guitar rock out!

I was shocked when Bobby got home from work yesterday and suggested taking the boys to the park. Anyone who knows him well is probably surprised also, but there were several reasons it took me off guard: 1. I had just told him his PS3 was on the fritz. (It is also our blueray and dvd player, so that was no fun). 2. By the time he suggested it, it was 7pm, Ayden's bedtime. 3. Bobby hates to leave the house, ever.

But, to the park we went! There is a very nice one just half a mile down the road. All the equipment is brand new and it has this awesome, super-squishy, fake bark. I'll shut up now and show some photos.

Okay, I lied, but it's just a caption. Dillon likes to sit in the swing like he's in a bowl - so cute.

Ayden spent all of 10 seconds on the swing. He was just so excited to be there he couldn't settle on one thing. I did not get any good slide pictures. I think I messed up some settings on my camera so those were blurry.

I took Ayden and Dillon to Target this morning. The trick with Ayden is to swing by the toy section and put something in the cart with him to occupy his mind. Then, I ask the cashier to put it back when I check out. Today, I decided to let him keep it... do you want to see why?

He is just too stinkin' cute with that thing!


I let him take it to bed with him for his nap. I know, horrible mom that I am. I can hear him rockin' out now!


Bethany said...

oh dillon is so cute!

brooke said...

very cute... bowl swing. I let my kids still play with stuff in the cart too, but when we're done I just stuff it in a random shelf of beer or cupcakes.

Holly said...

Very cute pics. Love Dill in the swing.

Kate said...

Dillon in that swing! Oh my gosh! And I love Ayden's shaved head. Sue me.

brookie said...

thats so true about dillon and they both look so cute.ayden's gonna be a rock star some day loud vocals and guitar skills.Wow pops never wanted to go to the park before (true) i guess it's easier going with 2 kids than 5.ttyl,myl

brookie said...

myl=miss you lots
ttyl=talk to you ltr

The Beer Guzzler said...

Been a while since I have looked at your blog. Glad I stoped by today to see how the family is doing. Good to see all is well. Talk to you later MS. Heather.. Guess I can't call you Ms. Mills anymore.

Jeanette said...

So cute! I wish my boys went to bed at 7. 10 is our boys bedtime. :(

Marla said...

Your kids are so stinking cute!

Grace said...

Aww! they are so cute!


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