Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A busy week makes a long post!

Caleb, Brooklyn and Seth headed off for their last day of school on June 12th. It was a half day so I'm sure it was full of games and goodbyes. They were finished by 11:15. Kind of begs the question, what was the point of that? Anyway, I took a picture thinking it would be fun to compare the first day of school to the last...
Here was the fist day:
And the last: (Caleb was right, I stood them in the wrong order, oh well.)
Is it just me or do they look so much older! Wow kids grow so fast.

Bobby's birthday was the 12th, the last day of school. For his birthday Bobby got to stay home with all the kids while I finished out the school year. Yay, fun for him right? Not only that but his boss insisted on putting him on a conference call for over an hour where she was not pleasant, to put it nicely. I managed to salvage his day but it was not an easy task. We had a tasty Red Lobster dinner and came home for cake and ice cream. I had no candles but Bobby made the best of it.
Happy 32nd birthday honey - you're the best!
The children came with me on the Monday after school was out because I rushed home on Friday and had a couple of things to finish. While there, I went to the book room to shelve some books and heard my name called over the PA asking me to return to my room. I can not begin to say how many scenarios went through my head. The forerunner was that they were fighting and being so loud that someone called and complained. What I found was nothing like that. Seth was sitting in a chair with a paper towel wadded up against his mouth, crying. The teacher next door heard the commotion and came to find that he'd fallen off one of my tables onto his face. Great. The floor in my room is tile too so his mouth was not a pretty sight. Here he is this morning. The swelling has really gone down. The amazing part is that since almost all his teeth are missing already, he didn't knock any of them out.
Hey, it really doesn't look too bad does it?

I would post more on Brooklyn but she is not home much these days. She has planned sleepovers with her friends since she will not be here for a month. My dad and Sheryl bought the kids tickets to come spend a month with them in Houston. The kids are very excited about it and Brooklyn has been making plans to see her friends there too. She's my social bug!

Dillon is officially crawling. He did the inch worm thing for quite some time but now he has the hand, knee coordination down pat and he's fast! He is already up on his knees grabbing at chairs and boxes so I'm sure pulling up is not far behind. Here he is! Watch to the end and he says 'hello' with his cute froggy face.

Ayden loves to play outside. Caleb just came running in shouting that I had to get a picture of Ayden on the scooter. Here is Ayden 'riding' the scooter, showing off his mad skills.


brooke said...

Seth and Caleb sure have more hair than when school started! What cute kids. Dillon's getting big fast, and Ayden is like a little Caleb.
Have fun that month without the kids. THey'll have a blast with sheryl and papa benny!!

Jeanette said...

Wow. What a week. That makes me tired just reading it. I think i need a nap now. ;)


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