Sunday, June 21, 2009

It's your day Dad!

My dad has to be one of the hardest workers I know and one of the smartest guys around. He filled my head with more information than I could process from the time I was old enough to ask questions. Once I asked how the light switch turned on the lights and he brought out a book that showed pictures of conductors and switches and a bunch of other stuff I couldn't comprehend. It is from my father that I developed a love of learning. By his example I learned to love reading and figured out that I could glean much knowledge on my own by studying it for myself. As hard as he works he plays just as hard and there were many of his days off that I spent, by his side, going to parks, the mall, to a movie and various other places. He took me everywhere. I have fond memories of riding with him to collect money from his video games. It made me feel so special to have that one-on-one time with him. He listened to every question I had, tried to answer them all and never shushed me but instead, seemed pleased that I asked. I remember other mornings waking up to the sound of his voice and his guitar. He sounded better to me than Elvis, the Beatles and Buddy Holly combined - he still does. When I went away to school in Austin it was my dad that would drive me back to school from Houston at least once a month, I was so homesick. He never complained about the five hours he had to spend on the road taking me there and back. Instead, we'd visit and enjoy pork tenders from the La Grange smoke house. Once I had my own car I missed those car trips with him on Sunday evenings. I miss singing with him, talking to him, camping with him, car rides with him and his big bear hugs. I wish I had more current pictures but my dad is usually the one behind the camera or taking pictures of wildlife! If my scanner was hooked up I have some great ones. I'll have to do those on his birthday. I love you dad! You're the best! I hope I can see you soon.


Blarney Girl said...

Dang!! I've always known your dad was nice, but never knew he was so stinkin' cool!!! Now I know where you got your coolness from!! :D

Holly said...

Dallas, your a funny girl!
And yes, I am keeping my blog up to date, saying.... go check out my sister's blog to get the heads up!!
Great stuff about dad.

Marcie Kump said...

That's the PERFECT description of your dad! He is always so fun to be around!!!!

Heather said...

HA! Cool? I wish. It's my goal in life. ;) Thanks girls.

Jack & Danielle Monroe said...

We love Uncle Benny!!!


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