Friday, August 8, 2008

What is Rich Anyway?

Is it living comfortably with all your needs met? Is it living beyond your means but you have everything you want? Is it having a huge amount of money in savings? Honestly, I don't think it is any of this. I feel very rich right now when, monetarily, we are the furthest thing from it. Bobby has not found a job yet. My last paycheck from my old job is on the 15th and I won't get paid again until Sept 30. Money is beyond tight and we have been very stressed. Seth's birthday was Wednesday and Brooklyn's is next Saturday. Ask me how it feels to tell your child they can't have a birthday party or go out to dinner because money just isn't there for that. It broke my heart. But my kids are amazing. They didn't blink twice when I told them that. Instead, we planned a special dinner of their choice. Seth chose tacos. He did get a small gift from Bobby and I and Brooklyn's gift to him was to clean and organize his room. Caleb's gift to him was a dollar that he had been given from his grandparents. I made a cake and Seth was excited to help decorate it. We sat down to a table full of good, healthy food. I saved a Fresca soda back for Seth that all the kids had been asking for and we celebrated! Bobby is one of the funniest people I know and all through dinner he had the kids in stitches, we were all laughing so hard. I looked around the table at my family during that dinner and I felt very rich indeed.

Times get hard, it happens. This too will pass. It will be stressful for the next six weeks, but I have my family, I have a home, I have the gospel and I know that we'll be just fine. When the day is over there isn't one need that hasn't been met. I have more in my life than many 'rich' people I know. I feel so very blessed and so grateful that we all have each other. The old saying goes, "You can't take it with you..." but my riches? I can take those with me wherever I go.

Seth's cake, his masterpiece. Seth fed his new Star Wars toy -

We all enjoyed some of Bobby's tasty tacos.


Blarney Girl said...

Very rich indeed!!! :D

Jeanette said...

You have what so many people WISH and PRAY for a happy healthy family. Rich indeed.

It is hard to have little ones want something and have to say no. I think it's harder on us parents than our children (at least I hope).

Marla said...

You guys are rich!!

Maggie said...

I really liked your kids attitudes. I really admire you for seeing the true meaning of life, and although money helps it is not everything. BTW I am from LDS BBC

Bobby the O! said...


Steph & Jeff said...

Such a great blog, Heather! (And one I need to hear too since Jeff's out of Coast Guard at the end of this month and going back to school, which means....1 income!) Happy birthday to all your kids---can you believe I started teaching with you the year Seth was born??? Crazy!

danielle said...

That was a nice post. There was a quote I liked in "The Last Lecture." I goes something to the effect, "We didn't have many things, but we thought about everything." I don't think it is coincidence that some of greatest thinkers and most creative people grew up in homes that didn't have everything.


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