Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Baby Has a New Name... again

Bobby was talking in the car and mentioned using his middle name for Dillon's middle name. Bruce is not only his father's name but he is related to Robert the Bruce so it is an old family name. I just want the baby to have a name!!!! LOL So Dillon Bruce it is. I like it better than Seamus anyway.


Jeanne said...

Should I bet as to whether or not Bobby will change his mind again????

I like the family connection the name has. How neat that you get to use it!

Blarney Girl said...

That's pretty cool y'all are related to Robert the Bruce!! A lot of my ancestory is Scottish on my mom's side; with some Welsh, Irish and English thrown in for good measure.

I really like the name Dillon Bruce. I like Seamus, too, but I have a feeling a lot of folks would try to pronounce it Sea-mus instead of Shay-mus. :D

Marla said...

I like it. So what's up with Bobby? Can't he decide? LOL

brooke said...

There's still time for mind-changing. Silly- but its a very important decision. I know a kid named- (pronounced "Reese") but its spelled Rhys---lots of confusion. And a lot of the time when people read Rory's name they say, "he". Oh well.

hsailors said...

That name is perfect! I love it. Of course I know that Bobby doesn't care about my opinions. But, that is a good family name and it sounds really good when you say it. DBO! Kinda like Devo? :) I like it.

Jenna and Dillon said...

I like it!!


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