Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Toothless and Playtime

I just thought I'd put up a couple of new pictures. The first is Seth. I love when kids lose both front teeth at the same time. I think it looks so cute.

On a totally different note, Ayden found Bobby's gloves and he loves to try them on and play with them. I thought I'd include a few pictures b/c it looks so funny.


Jeanette said...

How much does the tooth fairy give in your house? Mine, a quarter. I like it when they loose both too. It looks odd when there is a big/adult tooth next to a baby tooth for their front teeth.

Love the last picture. He's growing up.

Heather said...

A dollar although Seth caught me last time so no more tooth fairy. It's not fun once they know. :(

hsailors said...

Wow! Pretty nice tooth fairy. So Seth is going into thecond grade?

And he will have to say his name is Theth. HAHa that's funny! He is so cute.
Hey, Ayden I see some hair growing in.

Bethany said...

ayden looks so different without his hair!

Kristy Stoddard said...

Your kids are so cute. I think Brenen will freak out when he finally loses a tooth. He'll probably be super dramatic and think he is dying. Ayden is getting so big.


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