Friday, August 22, 2008

Nothing intersting - just busy

I haven't updated in a while because I started back to work on Monday and let me say, I have been so exhausted. Bobby's mother came down to watch the kids, thank goodness for that. It has been wonderful to have her here for company and she's helped so much with the cooking and cleaning. The reason she came is because I had to go back two weeks earlier than them and we just didn't want to find childcare for only two weeks. The kids have really enjoyed getting to know their grandma too. She has found a new best friend in Ayden.

Ayden is talking more and more. It isn't easy to understand him but, if you listen closely, you can make out a few words. He must be ready for a growth spurt too as he is eating like crazy right now. He loves pork and beans, mac and cheese, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and green beans. LOL Not the healthiest food ever but that is what he will eat! His hair is growing in and looks a bit better. It is getting pretty light since he is outside with the kids everyday. He got a new pair of reebok tennis shoes today and wore them the rest of the evening. Those were better than any toy I could have brought home! Thanks grandma!

Brooklyn, Caleb and Seth are getting geared up for school. Grandma and Poppy bought them new backpacks, which must be the most exciting part to listen to them. I registered them today and they know who their teachers are, not that it matters much right now since we don't know who any of the teachers are. We'll get to meet them next week so that will be fun.

I really think I'm going to enjoy teaching here in Richmond. I have gotten to know some of the other new teachers near me and I really like them. They check out a laptop to every student and teacher so I hope we can do some neat stuff with those. I am in the old Home
Ec room so I have a fridge, stove, microwave and even a washer and dryer in my room! It's fine by me though b/c my room is huge. I guess I know where I'll eat lunch! It's near the cafeteria too which will be handy since I found out we walk the kids to and from lunch here. That is certainly different but I understand why. Junior high kids go crazy at lunch time. I was able to get a few things put up in my room but not too much. I have next week to work on it too. I'm sure I'll have a lot to say about it when school starts.

Bobby goes to orientation on Monday but I think he's going to like his job. He is looking forward to it. That's really all the big news for our family right now, not so much really. What's new in your household?


Jenna and Dillon said...

HO, I miss you. It sounds like you're keeping busy. This is always my favorite time of year, when a brand new school year starts. It's the best!

brooke said...

I'm so excited you guys made it to virginia...what a great adventure. I hope y'all love it there like I do.
We'll definitely make plans to meet up with you for Christmas!!

Jeanette said...

It sounds like you have been busy. Hope you're still feeling well with only 3 months to go! Good luck with your new school year.

hsailors said...

It would be very scary for me to start in a new place. Shocking! Right, coming from someone who can't bear to change schools within KISD.
But, I wish you all the best of luck and hope the kids get REALLY GREAT teachers!


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