Friday, August 29, 2008

Still no pictures, Just an update

Sorry to all but after working for two weeks, I have no recent pics to post. No worries though because with a three day weekend and a first day of school approaching I'm sure I'll take quite a bit. The kids met their teachers Thursday night. It looks like they will have some great teachers this year. Brooklyn will get to change teachers for each class. She is excited about that and one teacher is male - her first guy teacher! She thinks that is pretty neat and Caleb wishes he had a guy teacher too. Their mascot is dolphins and she is very excited about that. She said she always wanted Dolphins for a mascot. I really had no idea she'd thought that much about it. LOL So, they'll be off on the bus early Tuesday morning. I'll be off extra early too - well, as soon as they leave, since I'll have my first day of school too. I am not feeling as ready as usual but I'm close enough. The first day always goes so quickly anyway. I had a few scares with my schedule but they got it cleared up and it won't be too bad. I have three of my four bulletin boards finished - well there are empty spots but those are for the students' work. Books are on shelves and copies are made so I guess I'm as close as can be expected.

Ayden will start with his new sitter. I'm nervous about that. He doesn't do well with new people and it breaks my heart to think of him as crying or confused about where he is. I hope Bobby takes him a bit early so he can play with him there for a few minutes to get him situated. Right now he is cutting his bottom canines and has not been a happy camper. He does not do well when teething -
at all. He threw a bowl at Seth yesterday (yes, it broke) and bit him in the stomach today. He threw fit after fit and does not really want to eat. What a tough day for a little guy. I'll update next week with new pictures!


brooke said...

Spencer and Ayden should duke it out or something. I thought ROry was an emotional mess at 2, but man, SPencer definitely has a psychotic streak.
Crazy kids.

hsailors said...

I'm sure all will go well tomorrow. Like you said, it will be over before you can think about it.
Good luck! :)

Angie and Mike said...

Poor Ayden and poor family. Teething is no fun for anyone. Let us know how he did with the new sitter. Hopefully all goes well and you won't have to worry. Good Luck with your first week of school too!


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