Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Happy Birthday Seth - Seven Years Old!

Happy Birthday sweetheart. I know you wanted your own web page but I hope your own entry, all about you, is good enough. You were born early in the morning on August 6, 2001. You were always such an easy, good baby. Brooklyn and Caleb were so happy to have you in our family. You smiled from the beginning and loved to sleep. Before you could sit up or crawl you were watching your brother and sister and I know you just could not wait until you were big enough to get down and play with them. Brooklyn thought you were her little doll. Caleb kept asking when you would be able to play with him. As you got older your personality really started to show. You took everything in stride and never let things bother you. You did not even throw your first fit until you were three! I remember clearly that you freaked out when I tried to put your shoes on. Brooklyn and I just laughed and laughed because we'd never seen you upset. And I rarely ever did again. You have a magnetic personality, which means that others are attracted to you. You have such a sweet grin and you are so funny! Most of the time you don't realize it until everyone is laughing! Then you laugh with the rest of us. You are such a good example when you always remember to say prayers. I remembering teaching you to pray and you have never forgotten since. I have always been so impressed by your kind heart. You always love to help others. Now you are seven and I can't believe it. You were our little Roo for so long. Now you're starting second grade and I know you are just going to love it! Here are some pictures to remind you and others about all the great times we've had together. We love you Seth a Roo!


Jeanette said...

Happy Birthday Seth!!

Stacy said...

Happy Birthday Seth! You're an awesome kid!

hsailors said...

Seth, I hope you have an awesome Birthday!!!! Your b-day card is on it's way. Love & miss you lots.
Aunt Holly
Sweet message mom!

uncleben said...

I hope you had a great birthday Seth. I am really looking forward to being at your baptism next year.


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