Saturday, April 23, 2011

No More Tears

I know it looks like Ayden is strangling him but trust me, they are playing and having fun.

For some odd reason Dillon has never enjoyed the bath. He cries and shakes all over. He says, "Cold Mommy, help mommy, no mommy." Things like that. It breaks my heart. In all honesty I bathe him as little as possible and usually just wipe him down when he gets dirty. It just upsets him more than it's worth. Tonight was a necessary bath night. With Easter Sunday tomorrow and having attended an outdoor birthday party with bright green icing, a wiping down would not suffice. Ayden loves the bath so I put him in with Dillon hoping it would rub off a bit. No such luck. Dillon just kept telling me he was cold and crying great big alligator tears. I had put a few bubbles in the bath and told Dillon to sit down to pop the bubbles. He bent over and splashed, a bit distracted. Then I had a brilliant idea. I had Brooklyn bring some of his bubbles and I blew them at the boys while they played and happily splashed about in the water. After that Dillon was hooked. No more tears at bath time!

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