Monday, April 18, 2011

Let's Talk Some Business

~Day 5
Not boring business. The business of choosing a career. When I was little I wanted to be a lot of things. I thought I'd be a lawyer, a zoologist, a vet, a teacher, a mother, a writer and a graphic designer. After being on the yearbook staff for four years I really found I enjoyed playing with fonts, layouts and copy. So, I entered the college of communication at UT and was going to specialize in magazine. Then, I thought about my choice. I thought about everything else I wanted in life. Namely a family. I thought about what a competitive career I was going to enter and the fact that I am not a competitive person. I thought about what made me truly happy. I enjoy graphic design and writing, but more as a hobby. I didn't want to make that a job, then it'd be work!
My favorite place on campus, Turtle Pond
I knew I was good at school. I enjoy being around other people and work well with others. Not only that, but when I had children it would be great to have the same 'hours' as them. So, I switched majors and entered the college of education.
Me in front of the sign for the college of education - if you click on the photo you can see it bigger

I lost almost a year's worth of classes. It put me behind and I was in college for five years instead of four, but it was worth it. I'm not a 'business' woman type person. I don't want to have to prove myself by working late hours when I have a family at home. Granted, I thought I would have babies and stay home taking care of them. I thought if I did work, it would be optional. That has not been my reality, but it feels good to know that I completed college and I have the ability to help support my family. Most of the time I enjoy my job and I feel like I am making some kind of difference, if only to one child. I have time with my children and that is crucial. It was a large part of my decision in the career I chose. I hope my children have seen how important education is and choose to continue with school like I did. More importantly I hope they consider everything when choosing a career path: their strengths, interests and how it will affect their future family.
My graduation annoucement

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