Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A Day Off

~Day 6:
Everyone needs a day off. A day where there are plans, but not restrictive plans. A day where you move on your own clock and don't have to worry about phone calls or work. Today was that day for the Orr family. All of us. Bobby did not take any vacation days for our spring break but that was fine since he is off on Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Yesterday was a 'get things done day'. Today was to play.

A little back story... Last summer the kids and I all got tired of one another. Now that the kids are older it's not enough to just play in their rooms and go to the park sometimes. They were constantly swarming me and waiting for me to entertain them. It was horrible. We were all happy when school started. I decided that another summer like that would send me over the edge. We had two choices for cheap summer entertainment. (By cheap I mean less than $500 and would entertain us all summer. Not too cheap huh?) There was a pool membership we could buy or season passes to King's Dominion, the local theme park. Brooklyn and I had almost decided that while Dillon and Ayden are still so young the pool would be best. Then I told Bobby. He was so excited about KD it was settled, we would buy season passes. It took some saving and scrimping but with Dillon free and a discount for buying so many, it wasn't too bad. I splurged and bought the VIP pass for myself so that we wouldn't have to pay for parking. I'm so glad I did that too! It is $12 to park! Anyway, we hurried up to purchase them because we knew we wanted to go for spring break.

So, for our day off we went to KD. We ate a large breakfast, to sustain us, and arrived around 11:30. We went up the Eiffel Tower first, because it was something we could do together. It was windy and so cool to look out at the park. Then we headed for the rides. At first, it didn't seem Dillon could go on anything. I knew that couldn't be the case though and I quickly found plenty of things he could go on. Here are a few shots:

The older kids were so sweet and tolerant to pose with the Peanuts characters for these photos. They didn't complain a bit. If you click on the picture of Charlie Brown you may be able to tell Dillon is screaming. Poor baby.
Then, in continued trooper fashion, the older two boys rode in cars with Ayden and Dillon. I know that couldn't have been thrilling for them but I was too tall and didn't want Ayden and Dillon to go alone.

Then I let the older kids head over to a coaster that was in the kid zone area. We agreed on a place to meet while Bobby and I took Dillon and Ayden to some smaller rides.

Bobby took Brooklyn on a roller coaster that the boys weren't tall enough to go on, then I took Caleb on a roller coast that had four loops that Brooklyn for sure did not want to ride on. I admit, I'm looking forward to this summer when Bobby and I can head over in the evening for a date and go on whatever we want. Even fun days have to end though and we headed home, in horrible traffic, and half the kids crashed. Check out which one stayed awake! I couldn't believe it.
Can you believe he stayed awake? (And yes, I fixed his seat belt)

We can't wait to go back!


Danielle said...

Sounds like money well spent!

Grammy said...

Thanks for sharing! So very cute.

brooke said...

what a great day! I agree, money definitely well spent!

Holly said...

Cute pics! Looks like fun.


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