Friday, April 8, 2011

Getting Out of My Funk

I have had writer's block for quite a while. Anyone who still checks my blog from time to time has probably figured that out. I don't really know why. Things are going well in our life. In fact, they are probably better than they have been. One would think that would give me plenty to write about. And yet, here is the blog. The span between posts is quite large and seems to be growing larger. I know some people who do a 30 day challenge to get them back into posting. I looked it up and didn't like all the topics. So, after some research I found this list of questions that someone came up with. I don't know that I will stick with their questions and I know I'm going in a different order, but I liked the direction. So I'm borrowing this idea.Hopefully it will get the writing juices flowing again.

So here we go... Day One: What do you like best about each member of your family?
My first thought was, "Wow, this could get long. I think I may extend this several days so I can talk about all of my family members." My second thought was, "What if I leave someone or something out! I can't imagine that I would but that would make me feel horrible. My family is sizable if I consider cousins, aunts, uncles..." you get the idea. So I am going with the family right here, in my home. That's big enough.

Bobby: If I have to go with what I like best I suppose I can't make a list. Goodness this is difficult. Bobby surprises me, all the time, in a good way. I can never stay mad at him because just when I'm exasperated and ready to let him know it, he does something amazing and thoughtful. The thing is, he doesn't do it to try to calm my anger (he isn't usually even aware I am angry since my anger is irrational that he isn't home, he's at work.) That means his thoughtfulness is truly sincere. For instance, he gets home from work very late - midnight. He isn't able go right to sleep so I think he comes to bed around 2am. One night I messaged him asking if he wanted me to wake him in the morning with us. We get up at 6:30. The text went something like this, "I'll let you sleep in the morning since I know you'll be tired." He replied that he wanted me to wake him up since it was the only time he'd get to see the kids. Awwww! Isn't he great? Little things like that are the reason I love that man.
Brooklyn: This girl is all about making everyone around her happy. She will drop whatever she is doing to help out if anyone asks. She can be so selfless at times; she is a good example of serving others. She spends most of her time at home in the living room or in the kitchen looking for 'jobs' to do. I won't lie, there are jobs she hates, but my point is if it makes those around her happy, she is happy. She will swoop in when I'm frustrated with Ayden and whisk him off to her room to distract him and give me a few minutes peace. In the car she placates a fussy Dillon and makes him giggle. She likes us to play games, watch movies and cook as a family. She encourages all of us to BE a family in our attitudes, activities and behaviors and she understands what it means to sacrifice for your family. What an amazing girl.

Caleb: He is so enthusiastic. Mention an idea and he runs with it. He has amazing energy. He does not let go of a problem until he can solve it. "Camping this weekend, great I'm already packed." "Help Ayden get ready for church, here are his clothes." Caleb actually asks to mow the yard, begs even. We went to the library last night and Caleb checked out seven books about tornadoes and extreme weather. When he has an interest in something there is no stopping him. Not only that, but he was looking for a movie we could all enjoy and was coming up with ways they could earn a family movie night. Once he is interested and has decided to do something, this kid is unstoppable.

Seth: I must admit, what I like best about Seth is that he shares my love of books. We share that excitement of walking into a library and wanting to look at everything! Seth loves Harry Potter; I love Harry Potter. Seth loves Percy Jackson; I love Percy Jackson. Seth loves to curl up next to me on the couch and read with me. Mostly I read to him but we'll get to a page and he'll shout, "I want to read this one." He reads with hardly a mistake then hands the book back to me and asks me to read the rest. When he has time on the computer he spends half of it looking up books on Amazon or Barnes and Noble. He has read 15 novels this school year which is an amazing accomplishment when last year he had not finished one book he started. His ability to read is finally matched to the books he is interested in reading, well, for the most part.
Ayden: Ayden is a great big brother. He has loved caring for Dillon, tickling Dillon, playing with Dillon, everything Dillon since the day that baby came home. He doesn't let anyone say anything negative to Dillon. When Dillon isn't feeling well Ayden will go up and rub his head and hug him. He likes to wrestle with his brother and play cars with him. If Dillon wants a toy Ayden is playing with he tries to distract him with something else. He wants to make sure we are taking good care of his brother and is very concerned if he's crying or upset in any way. Not only is Ayden a great big brother but just look at those eyes and that smile. It gets me every time. What a cutie.
Dillon: Look at that bug. He's the baby so what's not to like about him right now? In that picture he brought a fitted sheet to Bobby on the couch and covered him then laid down next to him. That is what I like about Dillon. He is the man with the plan. He knows what he wants to do and sets about doing it. Bobby always tell the kids, "Move like you have a purpose." Well, that message must have been ingrained upon Dillon in the womb. From the moment of his birth (I only had to push twice) that kid has moved with purpose. He walked early, he talked early (well for one of my boys it was early), he gets into things, he climbs on things... this kid has places to go and things to do. Get out of his way.

Whew, I finished! It only took me an hour. That was harder than I thought it would be! Who else will give this one a shot? I dare you!

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Holly said...

Very sweet!I love hearing about everyone. Miss yall too much!!!


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