Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Who is Mother's Day For Anyway?

Seriously, this is a question I want people to answer, to understand how everyone views Mother's Day. I spent my Mother's Day lounging about asking my children to do things for me. When I felt tired, I took a nap. When it was time for dinner, my daughter cooked for us. I did make my own breakfast and lunch - by the way. I have always thought of Mother's Day as a mother's day off. Her day off from her daily, mundane, albeit necessary, tasks. Her day off from children fighting. Basically - her day to feel like she is special and to be pampered. I suppose we all have our own definition of pampering. When I am pampered I like to be left alone. In a house with five children this is not easy to accomplish but not impossible. I realize it is a day to celebrate motherhood but on that day I'd rather be left alone to read a good book and eat yummy food because these are treats for me. I am sure I am somewhat influenced by the fact that my birthday is sometimes on Mother's Day and, if not, very close to it.

I felt a bit guilty about this desire to be left alone when I heard how others view Mother's Day, namely children. Now, my children demand (literally demand) my attention every day of the year. So, when my own offspring said to me, "Mom I just went to spend Mother's Day with my mother." I did not feel guilty at all as I slipped into bed to read after lunch. Then I read a journal entry from one of my students. The prompt was to write about a time a holiday did not go the way you hoped/planned. This was what he put,
On Mother's Day my day was so crazy. I had to go 2 church services. I left one service early because I had to go do a play. I felt so bad for my mom. I figured since she was taking me all these places I said Happy Mother's Day anytime I could. Then when we finally got home she went to sleep. It was so awful I didn't get to spend anytime with my mom on Mother's Day.

I see the day he described as a great Mother's Day. The mom was able to go to church, her son went to church, her son was in a play and she got a nap. The point of view of the child was an eye opener. Granted, this is brief, he only had five minutes to brainstorm and write, but I could just hear his regret embedded in his writing. He wanted to do more for his mom than he did.

So, what is Mother's Day to you? Are you a mom? If so, how do you like to be pampered? If not, what do you like to do for your mom?


Bethany said...

very interesting question. the journal entry is kind of sad. i've been thinking of this a lot the last few days. I think any holiday and birthday is more exciting to the kids. with my birthday I didn't care about it one bit, but they were so excited. i felt bad we didn't do more only because they wanted it.. you know. i could have just forgotten my birthday, but it was fun to watch them be excited about it.

Jen said...

I kinda posted my thoughts on this via facebook, but here's another entry anyway. I think Mothers Day should celebrate Mothers. I think our loved ones should go out of their way to make our burden lighter and let us know they appreciate us. But I don't think we should abdicate our responsibilities. It appears many of my peers want Mothers Day to be Moms Day Off. If our guys/kids help with our regular chores of cooking/cleaning/child care that's great, but I don't think we should expect it or refuse to do it. I think we should still be Mothers and be happy that we can celebrate Mothers Day.

Holly said...

I'm sure that mother's day is different for everyone. Hopefully, you will have many more to share with your family. Maybe right now, since the kids are so young, you really just need a "time out" for mom's day. But, when the kids get older you may want to do something special with them for mother's day? I think it changes with the season's of your life and your kids.

Danielle said...

I like taking guilt free naps on Mother's Day. It is a gift to me from everyone.


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