Sunday, May 16, 2010

Figure this one out

I will trust that most of you know what a half bath looks like. There is a sink with a mirror and, across from it, a toilet. That is all. It is a small space. So, can anyone tell me how Seth, who was washing his hands in the sink of said bathroom, did not see his baby brother toddle in, climb into the toilet bowl and go for a dip?

Yes I wanted to run for the camera and yes, my camera was out of batteries. No worries. This is the second time (yes the SECOND time) my baby has managed to sit in the toilet bowl. I am sure with four older siblings leaving the gate open for him to walk through he will manage to do it again and I will be sure to have the good camera ready. Anyone want to send me some double A's? LOL

Here is a shot from Bobby's phone from his first dip in the bowl. Just picture the same thing only he was wearing his light blue pajamas. Oh and he loves it, he gets very angry when you take him out. I have said it before, this kid is gross.


brooke said...

aaaahhhhh! gross and hilarious!

Kate said...

Oh no!! Hahaha!

Holly said...

it really kinda makes me cringe.... toilet funk!


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