Thursday, May 20, 2010

Happy Birthday Aunt Holly

I don't mention my sister often enough on here. I suppose it is because she lives so far away now that we never see her. Also, part of the reason I blog is to keep her and other family members up to date about how the kids are doing, so I doubt she would want to read about herself. But, today is her special day.

Holly is my older sister by three years. I have looked up to her my entire life. She was so wise and told me all kinds of things that I was all too willing to believe. My favorite story is when she woke me up, at what had to be about 10pm, and told me I overslept and was late for school. I was probably in second grade at the time. I never stopped to question why she was not worried about being late. I ran into the living room and my mom looked at me like I was crazy. Holly liked to play tricks like that on me.
As we got older it was harder to be friends. Three years is not much now, but when she was in high school and I was in junior high, the age difference seemed huge. She had her own set of friends, a job, a car... a life. I would sneak into her room when she was gone, which was often, and play her records and wear her clothes. I missed the close bond we shared when we were little. All of my friends thought she was so cool and wanted to hang out with her when they came over. She was probably more fun than me. Holly has a great sense of humor and is not afraid to laugh at herself.

Once we lost our mother we relied on each other more and our friendship returned. She was there to help me take care of my kids and give all of us free haircuts. She would babysit the kids so I could go out on my birthday and we went shopping together or to a movie when we could, which did not seem often enough.
Parents raise us and teach us but it is our siblings that we come to rely on and lean on as we get older. I miss my sister so much and the kids probably miss her more!

Happy Birthday big sister!


Holly said...

That was so sweet. And yes! you are too far away from me and all of us. (well, the ones that are left)
And thanks for making me cry(just a little)! LOL
I miss you all the time and wish we could do shopping, movies and birthday parties with the kids like the good ol' days!
Thanks again!
Love you Sis!

Marcie Kump said...

What a great tribute to Holly. You two are blessed to have one another!!!


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