Friday, May 21, 2010


I am starting a new idea of posting my follies of the week every Friday. I figured it would be funny and why not laugh at myself? Chances are there were ten times as many as what I post on here. I'd love it if you joined me and did the same! It would be fun if you left a comment saying you did the same on your blog and I can laugh at you too! Join me!

I was really out of it this week and it sped by. Some of my follies are not my own but what happened at work or what my kids did to me:
  • Did you see the heading of this post? Yeah, it was a goof up but I decided to leave it there to make people wonder.
  • We have projectors that hook up to our computers in the classroom. One teacher was using the projector with a power point which quit on him/her unexpectedly. When it did their home page came up and in the search box in the upper right corner they had been searching bedroom erotica. The kids talked about it for days!
  • Taking the kids to the sitter in the morning really pushes it for me to get to work on time. She doesn't officially start until 7:30 but lets me bring them ten minutes early. Both mornings this week I was out the door, just in time because I have to be, only to scoop up Dillon and discover he was poopy. Five minutes late to work each day.
  • I went grocery shopping and talked to everyone about what they wanted and got everything on my list for only $4 over budget, guess who I forgot to get stuff for? You guessed it, yours truly.
  • I watched the two hour episode of Grey's Anatomy last night and my adrenaline was pumping so hard I could not fall asleep. I was alone and wide awake at 11pm. I'm so very tired today. If you never watch Grey's or if you just missed this one you should watch it. CRAZY!
What was your week like? Anything crazy and exciting or just plain stupid? Share!

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Marcie Kump said...

I think Friday Follies is a great idea. I make mistakes every hour or so, but I have never thought to share them...hmm...and, I was so pumped from Grey's, too. It was so intense. I had to keep covering my face!


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