Friday, May 7, 2010

Friday Follies

I am starting a new idea of posting my follies of the week every Friday. I figured it would be funny and why not laugh at myself? Chances are there were ten times as many as what I post on here. I'd love it if you joined me and did the same! It would be fun if you left a comment saying you did the same on your blog and I can laugh at you too! Join me!

Oh the pressure! I can not think of anything stupid I did this week. Guess I was brilliant or just walking around asleep most of the week. It was a busy week. Tuesday Brooklyn had to get a physical. Bobby took her but I promised to meet him there because he was freaking out b/c of the girl stuff. Wednesday night was scouts and a YW fundraiser for camp. Since Brooklyn can go to camp this year she gets to help the YW with the fundraiser. Thursday was a meeting for parents of kids trying out for cheerleader and today Bobby is working late and I told Brooklyn she could go to Cici's and play kickball with some friends. The result was a migraine for me three nights in a row and going through gas like it cost pennies a gallon. Don't I wish. How much are you paying for gas? I did manage to pay 2.43 a gallon at Kroger because I got .20 off a gallon. Not horrible.

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Anonymous said...

Hey Heather, I just saw on Facebook that your Birthday is coming up, then I noticed your blog link out of the corner of my eye & realized I forgot to add your blog back to follow when I changed my website. Anyhow Happy Birthday early, hope you have a great one!


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