Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Warning! Bobby Has the Blogging Bug

To those of you that are finding comments from a strange male blogger don't worry - it's my husband. He has watched me do this for a while now and has wondered what my fascination is with it. Now that he is out of work and going to interviews and feeling idle and bored he is understanding why I like this. This is a place where I can put my thoughts down as if everyone cares. I can keep up with people that are so interesting to me that I just didn't have time to get to know in real life. And I get validation when people comment. He has discovered that getting comments is a good feeling! I told him if he wants comments he has to go comment on other's blogs. So he has been busy doing so. I think he's pretty funny and interesting so if you see Bobby the O! don't worry, it's not a mad stalker, it's just my dear husband.


Marla said...

Yep he left a comment on my blog!! Cool cool!

Jeanette said...

It is great when hubbies blog. My dear ole hubby has a blog which started out strong and then petered out. Sometimes he will say, "I should blog about that." and I reply, "YES you should."

Bobby the O! said...

I wouldn't say it's a bug.... More like a... Fetish? Ew, even worse. Ummmm, a fascination! Yes, that's it, a fascination. So HAH! Behold the monster you have created! Hugs and kisses!


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