Saturday, July 12, 2008

Another surgery - this time for Caleb

Yup, you read that right, Caleb had to have his appendix out. Sunday night he said his stomach hurt but it was representing itself as a stomach flu, if you know what I mean. Monday morning he was walking around hunched over like a little old man. I kept telling him to just go lay down or stand up strait. He told me he couldn't get comfortable. Finally, around noon, I commented to Bobby that he should be feeling a little better by now and he had a fever. Bobby looked at his stomach and figured out that his right side was hurting so I took him right then to the ER. Sure enough, after three x-rays and a CT scan it was appendicitis. The hospital we were at didn't do pediatrics so he got to ride in an ambulance to be transferred. He thought that was cool. The surgeon wanted to take it out right away because he was worried that it had already perforated. Caleb was so brave through the whole thing. He was just happy that they were going to help him feel better. He was a bit worried because a friend of his had surgery and said he woke up screaming but the doctor and I convinced Caleb that it wasn't going to be scary at all. He was convinced and told me he would be fine. Bobby and Craig came to give him a blessing and it really gave him a sense of peace. The surgery was just under an hour and went perfect. Caleb stayed in the hospital three nights and loved it. Seriously. He called it an adventure. I'm sure it didn't hurt that the nurses were at his beck and call brining him juice, ginger ale and ice cream whenever he wanted it. It was a tiring three days and I'm just glad to be back home.

Caleb was in a wheelchair while he waited for a room in the ER (I took this with my phone, that's why it's bad, sorry)

Caleb was given some medicine for his nausea but it didn't help much. What it did do was knock him out. He looks so small and helpless here. He was so dehydrated his eyes were ringed with a reddish purple. Poor guy. I wish I took one later in the hospital when he was feeling great. He's doing well now, just a bit sore now and then. I bet by Monday I'll have a hard time keeping him away from his scooter.


hsailors said...

Poor little guy! He looks like an angel in the hospital bed. He is so small, but so brave! I'm so glad that everything came out okay.
I love you very much Caleb!
Aunt Holly

Jeanette said...

I hope your little one is feeling better soon.:)

Marcie said...

Poor Caleb! I'm glad that he's feeling better!


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