Monday, July 28, 2008

He really is too much

Ayden is one guy who knows what he wants and what he likes! It is so fun and amazing to watch their personalities come out at this age. I guess I blog about him too much but he seems to be growing and changing every day! The first shots are when we blew up the pool. Brooklyn had a friend over and they wanted to cool off in the pool that Bobby's parents gave them. The boys were eager too. So Bobby blew it up. Ayden watched from the window squealing in delight. Bobby put the hose in the pool to get the water going and Ayden was screaming to go outside. I had to fight with him to get his swim suit on, he was ready to go out fully clothed, diapered or naked! He didn't care! At first he helped fill it up but he couldn't wait to go in. I figured he should go in early while the water was still shallow. He had a blast playing with the water from the hose, running back and forth in the water and 'swimming' on his belly. You can see in the last shot that he was about to take a tumble. At that point I put on my swims suit and the camera was put away (you're welcome, I was relieved too)!
The same day I brought him in and got him dried off and dressed and he decided that he needed more accessories added to his outfit. He began to bring me things to put on him or he put them on himself. He showed me where said items needed to go, so no, I did not choose to put Brooklyn's belt around his head. He chose to wear one shoe, we usually go for two around here. I thought he turned out very cute. Oh and don't worry, the Diet Coke can is totally empty but he was having fun pretending.


hsailors said...

Aahh, the boys looked like they were having fun in the pool! And yes, Ayden does have personality. :)

Jeanette said...

Too cute. Hilton loves the pool too and wearing his sisters flip flops!

He is growing up so much!

Jason and Lissa Stinson said...

Very cute. Toddlers have more enthusiasm than any other age group, I think, because everything is new to them!


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