Tuesday, July 15, 2008

New bedrooms and a 'new to us' TV

Bobby's parents have been so wonderful to the kids. The wanted them to have new bedroom furniture for their new house. It is our Christmas and their Christmas all rolled into one, which is perfectly wonderful. The kids couldn't be happier and it saved us a bunch of money!

Brooklyn's bed is a day bed, which is great for sleepovers. When guests come over it will be a nice place for them to stay, quiet and private. They'll have their own room. So it works out perfect for everyone.

The boys got another set of bunk beds. The cool thing about these beds is that instead of a ladder they have stairs! Even cooler, on the other side of the stairs are drawers. Those drawers are Caleb's new dresser. There are also two drawers under the bed. This thing is heavy, sturdy wood so it will last them a long time. I don't know why Caleb looks like he just lost his dog. Trust me that he is totally thrilled with the beds.
I took the boys to Wal-Mart to buy sheets. I have a rule that there are no movie/cartoon charaters on the comforters but they can pick out whatever they want for sheets. They bought Transformers and Batman. I wasn't going to buy comforters just yet but I found these for $14.87 each. You can't beat that. They are reversible with stripes on the other side so I bought one for each bed and now they're set.

Now on to the 'new to us' item. Bobby's friend Craig is the one that is renting us this darling house. He has a big screen TV and nowhere to put it in his house. Bobby offered to buy it from him and he said that we can try it out for now and if it still works (which it does) and we like it that we can buy it from him when we have the money. So here is Bobby's new TV - a dream come true. It is high definition so he is like a kid in a candy store looking for movies to watch and games to play.
When I took this we hadn't put it where is was going to stay but I figured you'd get the idea. It's huge but it's nice.


Bethany said...

a free TV?! I think kate was so lucky as well. the bunk beds are cool. i've never seen one with a stairs! It looks like things are going so nicely for you guys in your new place. how wonderful!

Sadek said...

nice blog

hsailors said...

Wow! I love all the new stuff. Boo's room is so pretty and nice! I just wish I was there to help her shop for girly things. And the boys are going to love their bed, it's awesome.

camille said...

OH that is so awesome, I love new furniture!!!! way to go inlaws! =) love the new tv too.

OHHHHH, and liken the new look!

Naomi said...

Love the furniture. Congrats on the boy (sorry at the same time, only I feel justified in saying that, you know why)house is loverly. crappy for Caleb. Everything else is good, I assume? Sorry I've been out of the loop for so long.

Marcie said...

Wow. Brooklyn's room is so cute! The house is so adorable, very charming. Heather, I need your new address so that I can send Aiden's dinosaur and blanket!!!!!

hsailors said...

Okay, I have to say that I like Dillon better than Tristan. Still don't like shameus... I know, but that is how it sounds. But, much better 1st name!

brooke1313 said...

What a great girl room for Brooklyn...Rory would be jealous. Furniture is such a nice gift. Its so useful and you get to appreciate the people who gave it to you every time you see it. I'm so happy for you guys. Oh, and I'm jealous about you having a friend with a boat. FUN TIMES!!

Julie said...

I LOVE the girl room! The bunk bed is cool too! How fun!


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