Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Happy Birthday to me! Happy Mother's Day!

On my birthday we drove down to Bay City to visit GG and PapaG. The whole family was there, minus Andy and Tammy. I guess Colorado is kind of far for a day trip. Anyway we had chili, chicken salad, jello and cupcakes. It was such a nice visit and probably the last time we'll get down there before we move to VA. The children enjoyed playing outside and Grana seemed to enjoy watching them play. In the picture of me - that is not my hairy arm! That is Brian's hairy leg - LOL. It was the only one of me though. The one of Ayden with the trash can isn't on my birthday or mother's day but he was throwing his cars in the trash then fishing them out and having so much fun I had to get a photo.


Kristy Stoddard said...

Happy Birthday. I am glad you verified the hairy leg:)

Kate said...

You know that's totally your hairy arm. Don't even deny it.

Marla said...

Hey, okay you have to tell me how to get a slide show on your post! I can never get it to work for me. Okay, that's not true..I want one on the side bar.


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