Saturday, May 17, 2008

The flu, a busy week and Gatorade

It started on mother's day, of course. I wasn't feeling well so I stayed home from church - again. Then it hit like NFL linebacker at two in the morning. I had some kind of stomach flu. It wasn't pretty and I will not go into details. We've all had it and know what it is. I am out of sick days too so I wasn't too happy that I had to miss two days of work. Considering I could barely walk from the bed to my bathroom though, work was out of the question. Bobby took very good care of my and made everyone leave me alone and after sleeping for two days I was better. It is still lingering but I'm better. Now Bobby has it. I guess I should be happy it isn't one of the kids but honestly it would be easier if it were a kid. Bobby gets extremely ill with this kind of stuff because of his diabetes and he's out of service for who knows how long. Poor Bobby.

This time of year is just not a good time to be sick though. It seems like at the end of the school year there is something going on every night. I missed a baby shower this week, the kids had a birthday party, Brooklyn had a girl scout meeting and an activity on Saturday and I'm wiped out thinking that next week is really no different.

I did figure out though that Adyen loves grape Gatorade. (Yes, I dilute it) He was out of juice and had already had a bunch of milk so I gave him some and now he wants it every time I go to the fridge. Obviously, with two stomach bugs, we are keeping the house stocked with the stuff. The bad thing is, all the business usually halts as soon as schools out and it's only going to get worse b/c we'll be packing and getting ready to move. Oh, I am so going to need a vacation after this - as if.

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Blah Blah Blog said...

i swear, everybody is getting sick! that's horrible to be sick and pregnant. I can't believe you have your ultrasound scheduled already. how exciting!


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