Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Craig's List Rocks!

I've heard a lot about Craig's list but we've never even visited the site. We really wanted to sell Bobby's car to help with out with the move. The car probably wouldn't have made it all the way to VA anyway. He's asked around but not much luck so he decided to put it on Craig's List tonight. Not even ten minuets after we posted we got our first call. Five minutes later, another call, one hour later, the car is sold. Now we have the amusing dilemma of what to do to get Bobby to work. I guess that's a good thing though especially now that we found out our stimulus check is being mailed not deposited. We have no idea why and we really needed that money but oh well, the car is sold and now we'll have the money we need for the move.


Jeanette said...

Funny how prayers are answered-even by Craigslist!

The Richards Family said...

I love craigslist!!! And our check is being mailed, too! BOO TO THAT!


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