Thursday, November 1, 2007

Zoo trip

I couldn't believe it when Bobby suggested going to the zoo. Anyone who knows him knows he doesn't like to leave the house much. However, he suggested it Friday afternoon and so on Saturday morning we were off! We decided that a membership was the way to go so hopefully there will be more trips in the near future. Houston's weather has been so nice lately and everyone had a very good time. Ayden was in a good mood and the kids were happy to get out and play when it wasn't too hot. Halfway through Bobby commented that he didn't know how his parents had the energy to do this kind of outing with six children and I suggested it's because they took it slow and rested on benches every now and then. Bobby was ready to zoom right through the entire thing. We didn't get to see the elephants, giraffes or big cats but there was a bald eagle that the zoo has because it's injured! The kids got to sit in the replica of a bald eagle's nest. We saw monkeys, zebras and so many other animals. We ended with the reptile house which is what Bobby was the most interested in seeing. We can't wait to go back!

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jkump1 said...

Congrats on finally starting a blog!!!!

I miss talking with you and Holly. I hope the school year is going well for you!!!!

All the blog entries so far are great!!!!

Marcie ;)


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