Thursday, November 1, 2007


We went to trunk or treat this year. It is a tradition. This was held the Saturday before Halloween. It was a bit different this year in that the ward had a chili cook off. Everyone enjoyed trying out different types of chili and Holly even won 'family favorite'. I don't know if Dad won anything but his was good too. (A bit spicy for me the first time I tried it though!) Ayden really likes chili. So do Caleb and Brooklyn but Seth had a hotdog. They put dry ice in the root beer which was cool b/c it looked spooky. Then it was out to the parking lot for treats and a few tricks. Everyone gets really into decorating their trunks. Maybe next year they should offer a prize for that. Well, it was chaotic once the kids started trick or treating - they ran off in every direction so I only got a few pictures. Dad's Tahoe looked cool all decorated by Sheryl and Travis. The picture of Brooklyn is with a friend standing in front of a trunk of Jaws! Ayden was a skunk - Lil' Stinker seems to fit him well and the boys were Spiderman and Venom. We had a good time and the kids made quite the haul but I ran out of candy, Ayden was grumpy and we headed home.

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Liz said...

Awww, they are sooo cute, what fun! I wish I could trick or treat!


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